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Monday, May 08, 2006


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I hate to say this, but for me at least, pregnancy brain only became worse in the months after the baby. It was scary.

Tums are your friend. You will get the chance to try all the flavors.

I didn't get a body pillow, but I bought three or four large pillows and stationed them around my body in various configurations. That worked better than a body pillow for me because I could put one behind my back and another between my knees and one under a shoulder, etc. I also arranged my husband to be leaned on.

Glad you're feeling better. We're praying for you!

I have a big ol' pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond -- I think it's the BodyMate. I also have a cover in "Kermit" (matches your webpage!), so we now refer to the pillow itself as Kermit. Makes it all more friendly, since it's the three of us (me, husband, Kermit) in the bed and it's a bit ... um ... cozy. Anyway, I love my Kermit and he's working out great.

I second Jordana -- get you some Tums. I actually prefer the Target brand, as they taste better to me and are less chalky. I also find warmish 7-up to be a great aid for that particular issue.

Glad to hear you're feeling mostly better!

Glad the nausea fog has lifted, it makes life a lot easier!

I have a snoogle pillow. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it will get me through an entire night of peaceful sleep (minus the bathroom interruptions) and other times I sleep better without it. I guess it just depends on how the baby is laying and what aches and pains I'm currently feeling.

Can't wait to see your belly pic!!

Ah yes, the gas. I have become intimately acquainted with this as well. My recommendation is for Tums Smoothies -- not as chalky, and they dissolve better.

I buy Gas-X in spades while pregnant. The chewable cherry kind works pretty fast and doesn't taste too bad.

Not that I'm anything but completely empathetic to #4 up there (because, hello, 38 weeks over here), but I think your initial doubts are pretty well on track. Welcome to parenthood!

Glad you're feeling somewhat better. Enjoy this trimester!!

Sixteen weeks!! That's fabulous! :) :) :)

I try not to give advice unless I really think it will help:
Since you can do fruit again I would suggest papaya for the Urping. It eases digestion and even helps digestion. I couldn't do tums but I could do papaya. I go tthe all natural stuff from a health food store. My best friend couldn't do that so she did papaya enzyme (think chewable vitamin) and she lived on the stuff once she was done with nausea.
Maybe that would help?
Yeah, baby tummy!

Yay to feeling better! So glad.

Ooooo, I am looking forward to the 16-week picture.

Glad to hear you're feeling better, but shame on that bagel for wreaking havoc with your digestive system. Coming from the NJ/NY area as I do, bagels are a sacred food and I feel badly that they made you feel ill ;)

I recall being pregnant and thinking that I would blissfully happy if only I could rustle up a long and satisfying belch. (I usually couldn't, never having mastered the useful talent of burping on command.) I bought a big bottle of generic tums at Sams and used most of them.

A body pillow is nice, but the sad fact of the matter is that you won't be comfortable until the baby is born. But then it feels great! I'd rather have a tiny newborn baby snuffling at me at all hours than be pregnant, that's for sure.

I just bought some cushy new pillows and made a nightly nest for myself by trial and error. I was only having the one pregnancy and didn't want to invest in the pricey one trick ponies. As I got bigger it helped to have one propping the small of my back because of the forward pull of the mega-belly. I recommend hot showers for the aches and pains of a crappy night. I also recommend not being afraid to go sleep propped up on the couch with pillows if needed some night that you just can't get comfy lying down. This was especially useful if I was getting reflux at the end. Tums didn't work then but oh Mylanta did. I used a whole bottle of it in the last month.

I also have the Bed Bath and Beyond pillow, it worked great for me. I ended up though, putting that on one side, then lining up 2 or 3 other pillows on the other side so I didn't have to move the pillow in the night. Good luck!! Hope your tummy calms down soon!

no recommendations on which body pillow - just get one, they're definitely worth it. Though it is like having another person in bed! But oh, so helpful in getting more comfortable.

as for pg brain - it doesn't get better. Just morphs into baby brain, so give up now. :-)

and just another yeah! enjoy this time, it's getting to be what is usually the best time of the pregnancy!

I am so glad that you're doing better! And certainly looking forward to the belly pics. Do you have another ultrasound coming up in the next month? Will you find out if it's a boy or a girl? If you find out will you share? I'm not trying to be too nosy, just sharing your joy!


I found your blog through Holly "Seeking Grace" - just wanted to say glad you are feeling somewhat better and baby is showing.
I had a body pillow with my now two year old daughter...loved it. I forgot its name, but it was the shape of an S? I'll ask my husband, he found it for me.

I also have loved reading up on your archives, etc. You have a great record here! I wanted to let you know I added you to my blogroll and you are welcome to e-mail me anytime for my blog password - I also have typepad, just stay more concealed. I teach at a Catholic High School, and those kids can be great at finding their teachers online :)

God Bless You!!! So happy to hear of your joy!

Hi Arwen...first of all I wanted to tell you that I love your name...

I found your blog through Holly's (A Woman Seeking Grace) blogroll, and just wanted to tell you that I'm so happy for you in this pregnancy. What an answered prayer; and what faith!

God bless!

Sorry, no useful product recommendations from me: I had all kinds of burps and gas while pregnant (and still have them postpartum, come to think of it) but they rarely caused me discomfort or difficulty. Likewise, I was actually fairly comfortable in bed for just about my whole pregnancy and never used any pillows of any sort other than under my head. The only part that was uncomfortable was trying to roll over during the third trimester. That hurt, but a pillow wouldn't have helped me there.

You will sleep well again, my friend--just probably not for about a year.

But it will be hugely, tremendously worth it, I promise you.

Ahhh, the insomnia... been there, done that. Still have the gas... horrible belly-aching gas. Didn't have it during pregnancy (at least not pregnancy #1, but got it AFTERWARDS and it has STUCK.

Get yourself some kind of pillow. I have gone through 5 pregnancies with no pillows, and I could have used one. Should have used one. But I was too lazy to go out and get one.

Thought of you yesterday--hope your first Mother's Day was great!

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