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Monday, April 03, 2006


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I hear you're supposed to give up certain foods during lent. I guess you're fulfilling that really, really well if the only thing you can eat are apples and peanut butter. =)

Mmmm....granny smiths and peanut butter sound delicious!!!

MS started around 6 weeks for me. I started feeling a lot better around 12 weeks. That's not to say I never threw up after that, but there was certainly a shift in the force. As long as I ate food regularly, it wasn't so much a problem.

11 weeks! Woo-whoo!! Go Arwen, go Arwen!

This pregnancy I barfed six times a day from 6 weeks to 11 weeks. It coincided perfectly with my anemia diagnosis and I felt TONS better as soon as I started taking more iron.

Last time it disappeared almost EXACTLY on the fist day of my 13th week. It's not fun. I feel for you!

I hope Easter will be the turning point for you too (or sooner).

I suppose you don't want comments from those who NEVER get nausia either? ;)

Hello-- Just delurking to say I've been reading your site for a couple of weeks now and am rooting for you. I had just gotten caught up on your archives when you announced you were pregnant. So, congrats! And hang in there through the morning sickness. I'll be reading with interest.

Congratulations on 11 weeks! Second trimester approaching ... seems strange, doesn't it?

Mine disappeared at exactly the stroke of twelve weeks, though of course, being me, I immediately started flipping out and wondering if that meant something was (oh no!) going Dreadfully Wrong. (Of course, it DID come back at fourteen weeks, but Zantac took care of that in short order). As for food; apple slices and peanut butter sound much better than Special K, gingersnaps, and pink lemonade, which were the only thing I could eat for approximately 14 months (I estimate :)).

My Lent has been somewhat Lentish. I tried giving up all sugary foods but that hasn't exactly panned out well. Between that and not being able to have anything with dairy, I was getting so nasty that I decided not to be A's Lenten penance and eased up on the no-sugar thing to concentrate on not being a total witch. Easy to miss the forest for the trees there, at least for a while ...

I am so, so sorry that you are feeling so crappy still. I can't offer you any personal anecdotes ... I felt pretty good throughout my pregnancy with A. So far, my stomach feels much worse this time around. Anyhow, I hope that your nausea eases up SOON. May there be much relief and rejoicing come Easter-time!

I get very early onset and disappearance of nausea--it shows up by 4.5 weeks at the latest and is pretty much gone by 8 or 9 weeks. I don't ever puke, but I feel darn miserable. Then exhaustion continues until 15 weeks or so. I hope you get that best Easter present!

I have given birth during 2 of the past 3 Lents (including this one), and late pregnancy, labor, and recuperation always seem like enough of a hardship in themselves. Although this year, my husband and I unplugged our TV antenna and haven't missed the TV at all.

Eleven weeks to the day. One day, vomit-fest, the next day, fine. Not just fine, actually, craving wasabi. I spent the next six months putting wasabi on everything.

Eat what appeals and what you think will stay down! I ate all sorts of things not-approved-by-the-condescending-advice books, lol!
At church we've been talking about "taking up" something and not temporarily giving up a treat. I think the big physical and emotional changes you are going through are pretty much a "taking up"!

How are you so profound when you feel so miserable?? I love the idea of feeling awful for something that is beautifully, amazingly good and how that is analogous to Christ's suffering for what was ultimately the most beautiful, amazing good. I love your posts. :)

I hope you feel better soon!

My nausea started before I knew I was pregnant, and I was not able to gain weight until it went away. And then I gained seven pounds a month! It's unusual for it to persist after the first tri. You're not far, now.

You are so cute. Never heard the adjective "Lenty," but I like it. :) My Lent hasn't been that Lenty, but I'm trying harder here, as we approach Palm Sunday and the Triduum. And I did give up Starbuck's. But I'm not preggy, so the physical suffering has been minimal. Hang in there! Easter's coming!

Look at it this way, you're getting protein *and* fiber (essential to the pregnancy diet) during your "meals." :)

I can personally vouchsafe that there's nothing wrong with eating nothing but peanut butter and granny smiths for days on end. Or at least, if there is, you're not the only one whose baby will be Scarred! For! Life! :)

I couldn't tell you to the day when my queasiness disappeared -- and to be fair, it was never that terrible -- but it's been somewhere within the last week or so (I'm almost 14 weeks). At 12 weeks, I was still feeling seasick in the evenings, and now my appetite's back to normal. The exhaustion has gotten a little bit better too, though I still can't do even half as much as I used to.

I know a kid (now seven years old, I think?) who has survived pretty much solely on peanut butter sandwiches (he absolutely can't stand anything else), and since peanut butter + granny smith apple slices would seem to have a little bit more going for it than a wonderbread peanut butter sandwich, I think you can consider yourself a nutritionally well-rounded individual!

Puked puked puked until twelve weeks nearly on the dot. Not a puke or even really a queasy feeling thereafter. I loved the second trimester! I felt great and I started to feel the baby move. And the third, actually, because it was great to finally look pregnant and because I just got more and more excited as the birth approached. So, my point is that, for me at least, getting through the first trimester was really getting over the hump. The physical discomforts that followed were relatively minor (it did get hard to sleep towards the end) and totally dwarfed by the emotional highs and highers. I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

Don't know about granny smiths and peanut butter, but it is possible to survive on only triscuits, corn chips, and cottage cheese (my first child/first trimester); cucumbers and watermelon (first child/last 6 weeks of pregnancy); green tea, cinnamon toast, and one oreo cookie per day (second child/first 16 weeks or so); and triscuits, Bran/GrapeNuts, grapes, and strawberries (second child/last 6 weeks of pregnancy).

Oh and the morning sickness left week 11 day 4 with #1 and week 16 day 5 with #2.

what an interesting mix of texture and tastes. nothing wrong with it either. Here's hoping that it all ends NOW - why wait for 12 weeks?

Still out here praying for you - hope you feel much better asap.

Being as our child was born the Sunday after Ash Wednesday, my Lenten resolution this year was similar to yours: make it through the first month with the newborn without having either a physical or mental breakdown. So far, so good. :-)

No comment on the M/S, I was one of the lucky bums who never got it at all.

The only thing that ever helped me with m/s was more sleep. Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of sleep. I do hope you feel better soon. You're so right that it's hard to concentrate on anything, spiritual or otherwise, when it's taking all you have to avoid losing your lunch.

Arwen, I found you through another blog and I've spent hours reading your archives. I have to give you an amazing amount of credit for being the most truthful Catholic I've ever "met." I am not Catholic, nor am I particularly religious, but I will admit to being loosly informed by the many "Cafeteria Catholics" I encounter almost daily who hide behind the cross as an excuse for some things but who then can totally ignore other essential teachings. You seem to have meditated on your failth and have taken the time to learn the "why's" behind the "rules." I appreciate that you're not exclusive and do not appear to judge others and their spiritual choices. I'd like to think I could have a conversation with you about spirituality that wouldn't end with me wanting to stick a fork in my eye.
That said- the nausea? For me, the first trimester was round the clock BLEGH while in the second trimester, I felt like donning a cape and saving the world Wonder Woman style. I have not had that much energy or felt as good since. And I'm not just saying that to humor you.

Fingers crossed you feel some relief soon.

P.S. I ate about 10,000 bowls of cereal. That helped.

First trimester sucks. No ifs and buts. I felt substantially better at 13 weeks and quite a bit better at 12, so hang in there.

i'm sure that you could live on apples and peanutbutter--there was an entire village in Ireland that subsisted on cheese sandwiches and guinness. I think they had scurvy though.

So make sure to take your prenatals!

I'll pray that you relieved in time for Easter.

I hope your Easter is nice & a refreshing, rejoiceful day.

I've experienced many, MANY migraines in my 20's.. I understand how pain distracts from thinking on too much, including the spiritual.. just needing to take care of oneself. So, know deeply God's grace for this time.

Sleep lots.. very enjoyable to do in the 1st trimester. : D

with care!!

I felt LOADS better right at 12 weeks. Obviously, this was a very relative form of "better" but I did notice a marked improvement.

At 13 weeks I was even better, and a week after that I probably gained back the 10 pounds I lost and then some.

Eleven weeks! So happy to hear it.

Yeah, you'll be fine on apples and peanut butter. And I'm betting the nausea will start to abate soon.

Peanut butter and Granny Smith apples are certainly much better than Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup which was the only thing I could eat with my first baby. But the good thing is that 2nd trimester is usually the wonderful part of pregnancy -- especially when you begin to feel the baby move. I don't think there is a more wonderful feeling in all the world. I was in RCIA during my first pregnancy, and the very first time I felt my daughter move was during the Easter Vigil Mass. I can't even begin to describe the thrill and the awe I felt at that moment -- knowing I was moments away from receiving the Eucharist for the first time combined with feeling the life within me for the first time. It was truly a sacred moment.

Not to contradict Jennifer, but nothing made me feel guiltier than "Make sure you take your prenatals!" when I was so very sick in my first trimesters... I could NOT take my prenatals. Those huge iron-filled vitamin pills just seemed to sit in my sour stomach and make the whole thing worse.

My solution? Flintstones vitamins. Seriously. A grown up can take 2 of those and get a pretty good daily dose of most vitamins and minerals. They're chewable (which I think makes them more readily absorbed) and fruity. Much better than that enormous, pink, rock-in-your-stomach horse pill.

They should really call it all-day sickness since it happens not just in the morning! Crackers, ginger ale worked for me. BUt I guess whatever works - you should stick with it!!

felt better, 12 weeks to the day.

felt better, 12 weeks to the day.

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