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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


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Oh darn, I was kind of hoping you'd go with Darth Sidious :-p. But seriously, keep praying and remember that I'm praying for you (along with pretty much the entire student body down here). I'm holding tight to Ez. 36:36--"...for I have promised, and I will do it, says the Lord." Remember that he told you to ask for this in faith, and you did--and He will hold up His end of the deal. I love you so much and I am praying so hard for you!! I would call you, except for that whole no-service me when you get back! I love you!

Continued prayers for you and Baby Pāhoehoe, Arwen.

I am hoping and praying for a positive and healthy (for you AND the baby) to your pregnancy.

Still thinking of you and praying for you. Hang in there, enjoy your wonderful vacation and keep trusting that everything is totally fine. And YES, increasing symptoms is a VERY good sign! Yay morning sickness! ;)

I'll keep praying. Spotting is not fun, but yeah for symptoms. And the hCG sounds great. I like the verse that Maggie is claiming for you!

I love the baby's nicknames. (I'm guessing A'a will be able to pronounce his or her name first though :)).

Re spotting - I've probably said this before, but might as well reiterate: I think some women just spot. I never spotted three weeks straight, but had many random, ugly episodes of pink spotting until ten or twelve weeks, and never a whisper of nausea or anything until eight weeks, and everything turned out well nonetheless, so the fact that your spotting isn't getting heavier AND you're sick sounds very encouraging.

Still praying for you two and the bean - take care!

I have friends whose surname is "Horn". I guess it was pretty much inevitable that their first child was, when in utero, nicknamed "Shoe."
You are in my prayers as well.

Hang in there, Arwen. We're praying for you. I'm so glad you got to have an ultrasound; I'm sure that helped ease your mind tremendously.

I hate the waiting too!
Prayers and hugs!

Arwen - I know how scary spotting in early pg. can be... it happened to me off and on too. The facts that your symptoms are increasing and your HCG doubled in 48 hrs (or nearly doubled) are both GREAT signs. HCG doesn't have to double even that fast, so please feel comforted that your doctors are really taking good care of you. AND, even better than the doctors - you have all of the prayer and strength of every single person who knows you, even if only through your writings. I pray for you every night - you and your growing family. I'm confident that your baby is here to stay. And once you get past this scarry part, it's so much fun!

Praying for you! I love the verse that your sister is claiming for you.

I never spotted, but I had contractions EVERY EVENING for the entire first trimester. Freaked out, yes. Eventually, I stopped having the corresponding daily panic attacks.

Still praying for you!

How well I remember cheering and praising God every time I threw up! That morning sickness gave me immense hope, though.


I've been praying for you night and day anyhow, and will continue to do so. I know the spotting must be worrisome, but you have heard correctly that sometimes spotting is just spotting--particularly in light of all the other signs being as favorable as they are.

Do remember that I live within easy driving distance if you feel that you'd like someone to wait on you hand and foot while you recline and grow a baby. I'm serious.

I'm sorry about the spots. Here's hoping that's all it will ever amount to. I'm sure it's no comfort at all knowing that it's common as dirt and that some women have it happen for each of their pregnancies. I'm wishing you peace with it, though. Pregnancy is a real exercise in submission sometimes!

Being as analytical as you are I thought you might want to know the common (theoretical) explanation for the spotting--the womb lining grows thickest where the baby is implanted. Sometimes, the parts of the lining where the baby is NOT can try to shed themselves.

You are right increasing symptoms are a very, very good thing.

Your little cocoon is weaving itself tightly around--soon there will be a butterfly...

My prayers are with you. Pregnancy can be so nerve-wracking sometimes. As for the spotting, I had constant spotting for nearly 11 weeks with my youngest child, even to the point of occasional clots, bringing on constant fear and worry. She is now a gloriously beautiful 6 year old, the delight of our hearts.

The worry, love, and devotion of motherhood begins immediately, doesn't it? Prayer for yuo from us.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you are able to enjoy your time away.

Lifting you up...

While they were checking your HCG, did they check your progesterone? I ask because I had spotting due to low-ish progesterone, and staying on top of it with progesterone suppositories may (and I stress, may) have helped my Hannah stay put. I had borderline levels in a prior pregnancy that failed for no other apparent reason.

It's one of those preventative measures that can't hurt, if you're in a grey area.

Still praying for you, your family, and some measure of peace.

Just a Heads-up: If you're a spotter (as I am--I spotted through the first trimester of both my successful pregnancies) you will probably have heavy spotting or full-on bleeding for a few days right around your 16th week, when the uterus stretches the most quickly. With my second pregnancy I was bleeding so much one day that I stayed horizontal in bed for 10 hours on my midwives' orders. It's normal, but terrifying.

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