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Thursday, March 02, 2006


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Hurray for puking! (Now that's a sentence I never expected to write. Hope your Cheerios hit the spot.)

I guess if you're staying in a nice place during lent, the fact that you're relegated to eating cheerios makes up for it?

Awwww Arwen I am so sorry you are so sick....but I am so excited for you also. It will eventusally get better....sometime after you deliver {well, thats how it was for me}

Prayers are with you..

One moring when I was preg. I seemed to be feeling better than usual, got in my car for my 16 mile drive to work....and half-way there I pulled over.
Too late.
I barfed on my steering wheel.
Then I had to call my boss to tell him why I'd be late.
It's never too early to start carrying around baby wipes - they clean everything!

Congratulations! Wow, you're starting early. (I never lost my lunch until 7w6d, not that I was counting or anything :)). And like Naomi, I think the cheerios are ascetic enough to make up for the nice room.

Sorry to hear you're sick! But glad too! I suppose that since you're staying in a nice place for Lent, the fact that you'll give up alcohol and tasty margaritas for MUCH longer makes up for it (but is totally worth it).

Whoopee!! I'm so glad you're feeling sick. :)

Thinking of you and hope all else is well...

Deanna told me the awesome new last week over the phone and I nearly vomitted I was so happy. Congratulations baby girl. This is such an awesome beginning for you guys. And ain;t it cool that you and rose will be pg at the same time?

I used to live in Wilmot and we ate ate that tavern from time to time. I love Sunapee and that whole area. Say hi to the snow for me. Cheerios and the first trimester go hand in hand, as well as when the baby is about 8 mos. Congrats on getting sick!

Awwww, I'm so sorry you got sick, Arwen. Nausea SUCKS. Buuuut .... YAAAAY, you got sick!! LOL ;)

I'm glad to hear from you here. I've been thinking of you and was hoping you'd let us know how you're doing. You just keep munching on those Cheerios. Whatever works! I know it's Lent, but I think it's still very appropriate to pamper yourself a bit these days. When you think about it, you've had a long period of Lent these past couple of years ... your time of REJOICING is at hand! =)

Congratulations on your pregnancy sickness, I'm sure that vomitting never felt so good!

Praying that you will have a much blessed preganancy.

God Bless.

Yaay! Congrats I'm so excited for you!!

hope you've enjoyed your stay in my neighborhood!

Oh, I know I am so late in congratulating you, but I switched computers and has taken me a while to build up my favourites!
I just can-t believe I missed this wonderful news!

Congrats on the little one, on the puking and may you have a wonderfully healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond, dear...

Cheerios got me through the first trimester of all 3 of my pregnancies. On good days I ate 'em with raisins--sorta like a lame trailmix!

Blessing and prayers to you and your hubby!

I just noticed that you're listening to "Sleep Sound in Jesus" by Michael Card. I have that CD, and absolutely love it.

I put my 19-month-old to sleep with this CD every night (since he was a newborn), and he now knows all the words and sings along in his sweet little baby voice.

The "Lullaby for the Unborn" is really lovely too.

Hope you're starting to feel better soon!

Delurking to say I hope you get the best possible news at your next exam. And to mention that my sister-in-law spotted throughout her entire pregnancy (so did her mother when pregnant with her apparently). Very upsetting, but lots of calls to the nurse & dr. visits kept her sane. She delivered a healthy full-term baby despite bleeding for 9 months!

Still praying! And I love sleep sound in Jesus by Michael Card. It's the album we had placed in Nina's tape player in NICU when she was born. I loved that she got to hear those songs again and again.

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