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Sunday, February 12, 2006


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Thank you for sharing your heart once again. I am de-lurking here for the first time because your post really ministered to me today. I'll e-mail you sometime to share more of my story, but for now thank you for being a vessel of His mercy and grace. I'm learning to pray not for my wishes, but for His will. In that, there is joy even amidst the sorrows. Blessings

I'm so glad you had a sweet moment. If only there were some way to make them last - but then I suppose they would become so commonplace that we wouldn't appreciate them! Something of a paradox, that.

She's baaaack!

Love that you are posting--so sad to be missing your writing.

Some of my swift blessings show up right here!

Love and prayers to you.

I'm so happy you got this sweet moment, this truth, to help sustain you. Thank you for sharing it with us, that we might be sustained by it as well. I think sometimes I am so accustomed to my blessings that I mistake them for entitlements.

I needed this today. I have lurked before, but never posted. How true and sweet your words are to my ears. Er - eyes! ;)


This was as refreshing as a drink of cool water after a long day's work in the arid summer heat. Thank you again for sharing so much reality with us. Our walks are not exactly the same, but some moments of the heart are universal. Blessings!

Wow. I do not consider myself a religious, or even a spiritual person (long story...but isn't there always?), but your post just really moved me in an amazing way.
Thank you, you have a beautiful way with words, I will be back to read more.

Beautiful. Thank you.

What a beautiful post and so true. Found you via Knocked up/down. You have a lovely blog.

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