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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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Aw, that was really sweet of him. (And your ring set looks quite a bit like mine, only my diamond is oval and not round). And I know exactly what you mean about the proposal feeling rather silly when it came to the point. A. managed to surprise me as to the timing, mostly by dropping heavy hints about giving me a ring for Christmas and then actually proposing in September, but when he went down on one knee and started his (really nice) little speech, the first thought that came to mind was "Can we just *do* this?" - I think mostly because I felt really awkward just standing there. Didn't say anything aloud, thank goodness. What an unpleasant comedown that would have been!

Strangely, I know exactly what you mean about the whole thing feeling silly. I thought I was the only one.

As for the ring, that's why mine are not soldered together. Your FIL might yell at me for that, though. :) That way I can take off the diamond and still have my wedding band on. Best of both worlds! I don't often do that, though I probably should have -- I bent the prongs on the diamond so many times that I had to have the head rebuilt. Clumsy much? Who, me? Nah.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh, this was a lovely post Arwen. It's fine that you're alone for Valentine's Day; it's only the sentiment that really counts, and you guys seem to have that sentiment in spades.

Erik and I got engaged on a bench next to Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West. We were visiting my mother down in FL and took a high-speed ferry down to visit. It was great. He later said he didn't plan to ask me there, but it was a beautiful bench and I guess he just felt it was the right time!

I LOVE the story...especially him keeping the blank coupon all that time! So sweet...

My rings are soldered together too, and I spend a fair amount of time during any given day (and night) with my rings off for precisely your reasons. It's okay though: my engagement ring is oddly shaped, and hence the wedding band had to be oddly shaped in order to fit with it, and the wedding band would look decidedly silly worn by itself!

I've experienced two proposals. The first one was tremendously awkward. I didn't cry at all because I was too panic-stricken (I was truly surprised, and not in the best way). It makes for a hilarious, but long, story... The second one, the one that stuck, was much better in all regards. I figured out when it was going to happen about 18 hours beforehand, and despite the inevitable sense of slight silliness I *did* cry just a bit as we held each other after I said yes. My hubby, who can't be sentimental and serious at the same time to save his life, has a knack for making me cry with his silly sentiments anyway. :-)

What a sweet entry! Happy Valentine's Day to you both and Happy Engagement Anniversary! :)

Hey - my rings are soldered too! My matron-of-honor's step-father did our rings, and my wedding ring was made to go with my engagement band. It looks sort of like yours, as in sort of but with fewer pretty side diamonds, lol!
I always wore both rings, which were separate, until a few months after our anniversary, when we moved into our house. I was moving thru a hallway and my hand SLAMMED into a molding - my hand swelled up immediately and the rings would NOT come off and they were suddenly so tight I was in major pain! Of course it was a Sunday pm - so the same MOH's SF had us come to his house and he cut the rings OFF! Eventually I had them fused because of the weakened bands.
And I totally dig the ring holder. I cringe at the thought of paying more than $12 for a shirt, but I love me my Waterford goblets!

I love that he kept and used the coupon. How sweet!

Happy engagement anniversary!

Hi! I recently found your blog via Jennifer, and have enjoyed reading it. It's great to hear about your strong faith in the midst of waiting for a child; it's encouraging and refreshing.

Thanks for sharing your engagement story. I can hear your joy about it bubbling through your writing and it makes me smile. You and Bryan seem like a wonderful couple!

awww!!!! That was so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)
Antonia -x-

Love this story! Your rings are beautiful and match your life together! Be well.

Came here via Jenex. You may like to know that Jewish tradition is to have a plain wedding band, because it symbolozies a life together like the ring: endless, without nicks or cuts symbolizing any interruptions or breaks in the marriage.

Then again, even though I insisted on a plain band, I take both it and my engagement ring off all the time, because I row and it hurts to keep the ring on for that.

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