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Thursday, February 23, 2006


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"...these days are the birthplace of our family."

Tears in my eyes, again. God bless you. All THREE of you.

Awww. That's so nice :). Prayers on the way. Now go get some more sleep!

Sleep sweet sleep.... Do it now before your babe keeps you up with kicks from within throughout the wee hours - and before (s)he comes out to totally disrupt the peace-filled life you currently enjoy. The difference is the joy - oh, the joy! I'll take joy over peace any day. But a good night's sleep helps.

I was praying for you this morning and thought - all this time you felt like you were waiting.... But all along, God wanted your child to grow up with a close cousin! Rejoice! What an immense blessing for you all.

Rejoicing here! Prayers for you, the baby, and Bryan, too.
Yippee! (I just had to say that).

Oh, it brings tears to my eyes! Congratulations, a thousand times, congratulations.

This really hit me hard - "We pray hard that we will have the chance to meet and raise this little one, but whether we get that chance or not, everything is different now. He exists. In future years our children may come to us in many different ways, but this is how the first has come and so these days are the birthplace of our family."

I'll be praying for your family.

I am reliving the past with the should-I-test-again temptations! I always went for the "store brand" ones as I was a shameless re-tester.
A three pack! I would have stocked up on those!
Hugs! Joy! Continued Prayers!

I've only read your blog a few times. I e-mailed you recently to introduce myself, a few days ago. Ever since I have prayed for you daily, that God would fill your womb. God is GREAT!! I am so happy for you. I will keep you and your blessing in my continued prayers. I pray that you will be able to experience your little one playing peek-a-boo from under the sheets at 2 in the morning and giggling because he/she knows they should be sleeping. I was able to have this sweet moment with my little one last night, one I will cherish forever. Again, I am so thrilled for you and your husband.

Praying and rejoicing! There was no way you were going to wait til Wednesday morning to take that test, either!

Oh, I'm so glad you wrote the details!! I was worried because the ONLY time my cycles stretched out was when I was trying so hard to get pregnant. I kept thinking - "is she just going by cycle length? Has she tested?" I am so happy for you!!
Peace, Beth

A new eternal soul exists, now and forever

Joy beyond knowledge

Congratulations...very happy for you!

Yay! I'll be singing praise all day, thinking of you three.

*wipes tears from eyes*

congratulations!! I will keep praying for you and Michael.

oops, I met Bryan. I have got to get some sleep, lol.

My heart swells for you, dear Arwen. Many prayers to you all!

Oh congratulations once again! Your story is warming the cold cockles of my heart. I hope that we ALL get to meet this new little life, and it could not come to a family who has hoped harder or been more faithful that it would happen some day.


I've been away and so just checked out your blog today!

YEY! YEY! YEY! YEY! YEY!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant tell you how unbelievably delighted I am for you!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! I honestly feel like jumping for joy!

I am SO happy for you& Bryan, Arwen!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

I will definitly continue praying for you!


God Bless you three!!


Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear this news after reading how you so look forward to having children... My prayers for you & Michael & the baby :D

Congratulations Arwen! I have been hoping to come to your blog one of these days to come across this wonderful news. Yum, cheerios, that is what I craved all the time when I was pregnant.

Congratulations. I know how very long you two have been waiting for this.

Details are wonderful - but I found myself looking again and again at the comments at the last post. To see the joy from so many people who read your blog - that has been a joy as well.

Praying for this time for you. Peace and blessings to all of you!

Many, many congratulations to you and your dh. I have visited your site often since I discovered it several months ago, and I cannot begin to tell you how deliciously happy I am for you!! I write now to share with you something that I heard in a homeschool mom's retreat that I went to last night. I have had several miscarriages, we're about to try again, and I am struggling with a great deal of fear. Well, you know it's the Holy Spirit when a faithful priest seems to be talking directly to you! ;-) This wonderful man kept repeating last night:
"Faithfulness leads to God, fear is from the Devil."
He says we must cling to Our Lord with faith, and that way leads to peace. Disorganization of thought and fear are tools of the Devil.
I'm doing a lot of clinging to faith right now, I hope these words of wisdom help you cling, too! :-)

Blessings to you and your new little one, you and your family will remain in my prayers.


Thanks for sharing the details with us! I love to hear such good news, plus what you wrote about the need to surrender fears and desires to God and to focus on trusting in Him is a good reminder and encourages me in my own faith. I am thrilled for you and will be praying for you, Bryan, and your little one.

As a long time lurker, I'm thrilled that God has blessed you and Bryan this way. Praying for a healthy 9mo!

I just found your blog, Arwen, and it spoke to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I will be following your journey with eager anticipation. I am rejoicing with you. God bless all three of you!

:-) When I first got a positive result on a pregnancy test, it was the day before Father's Day, and I waited a full day to tell my husband so I could tell him on Father's Day. And when I did tell him, I also told him this: no matter what happens now, even if I miscarry, we are now officially parents. We have a child, and this child has a soul, and we will all meet in heaven if we don't meet on earth. (OK, I wasn't quite that eloquent at the time, but that's the gist.) Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for that meeting (I'm officially two days past due, and no sign of labor yet, doggone it!) ;-)

Arwen, congratulations!

I am new -- just stumbled across your blog yesterday -- but I can feel your joy radiating through the computer screen. I will pray for you and your baby and your husband and the rest of your family through this exciting time.

My husband and I went through several years of infertility ourselves, and I know you don't like getting advice from perfect strangers, but I must tell you ONE thing. Keep practicing taking that fear to God, because there is something about all those years of fertility that make us doubt our ability to bring a living child into this world. And I have to tell you, for me it got worse after our son was born. I let myself get into a constant state of panic: "I must keep this baby alive!" I have had to rely on Christ heavily in order to keep from smothering the kids out of my own fear that I'll screw up. You know, I actually had to learn that "keeping him safe" could mean putting him in the stroller or sling and taking him out of the house for a walk! I have learned to be a stickler only on the stuff that really counts, like car seats and sun screen and securely tied shoes, and to take my fear before the Lord when I know I must let Zooey -- now 6.5 -- carefully cross the street (looking both ways about a dozen times) to play at a friend's house. Inside the house. With the door shut. Out of ear- and eye-sight. With people we've known longer than we've known Zooey! I can do that...but I admit I still can't sleep through the night. I get up to check that all the kids are still breathing (we have three now...all our infertility problems disappeared once Zooey was on the scene). But nobody knows that except me. And you. And about a gazillion of your readers...

I ramble. God bless you all, all three of you. Congratulations again!

Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I read you regularly and am so thrilled for you! Plenty of prayers coming your way!

Congratulations, Arwen!

You are so lucky that you already know what to pray for: trust that no matter what, you will make it through with God's help.

It took me a long time to really understand that, and even though we disagree on some things in life, I do know this: that prayer will bouy you up through all you'll face.

Now, that said, I hope you have nothing more than indigestion and fatigue headed your way over the next nine months!

Hope is a glorious thing.

Something profound: the joy and delight you are feeling radiates from this page. I am so profoundly glad for you.

Something superficial: "I hang up and get on the Consumer Reports website to find the best pregnancy tests (they recommend First Response, in case you’re wondering)" <-- That is the first, the absolute first, thing that I do whenever I need to purchase something. I love that you have the online subscription, too!

*sniffle, sniffle*

Congrats. As tiring, nauseating, and overwhelming these first weeks are, cherish them, for they're gone all too quickly!

You think you have to TELL us to rejoice with you, silly girl?? :) We're all ecstatic for you! And of course the three of you are in my prayers, as well. Thanks for the details. :)

Yep, miracles can conceivably happen! Congrats. : )

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story :) I can't say enough how glad I am for you & Bryan & your *baby*
For future reference...
the girl who runs the site is Catholic & she's got some very comprehensive research about which hpts are the best.

I organize my favorite blogs into categories: moms, dads, humor, other, etc.... Today I moved your blog into moms. I am so happy for you.

A quick prayer:

May the Lord God bring you, your husband, and this precious little one through this pregnancy, healthy and safe. Saint Gerard, patron saint of expectant mothers, pray for Arwen. Saint Gianna, mother of courage and strength, pray for Arwen and her baby. Saint Joseph, patron saint of fathers, pray for Bryan. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for Arwen. All holy men and women, pray for this new family. Amen.

So happy for you. Welcome to Planet Parenthood!

PS. You're right about now being parents for eternity. Our firstborn was born to Heaven, and it is my great consolation that she sits in the lap of Our Lady, interceding on our family's behalf. However, I sincerely hope and pray you have the wonderful chance to raise this tiny soul. :-)

I missed your last entry, but today, out of no where, something reminded me of you and I KNEW you were pregnant. Of course, that doesn't mean much, but when I finally got on the computer and saw your good news, I was so delighted. Congrats! May you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. I pray that I will be as faithful in giving my fertility over to God. His timing, His plan is always perfect. God Bless.

So happy for you!

Soooo happy for you and your husband! And thanks be to God for all his benefits!

Post when you can.

(BTW- Cheeerios always got me thru the first trimester.)

Arwen- I am thrilled for you and your family! Alas, as a new mom I don't have much time for blogging, but I'm so glad I clicked on yours today. YAY! You and your peanut are in my prayers. And that fear - it comes with the territory. You'll be wearing your heart on your sleeve forever more.

Congratulations! I hope this is finally it for you guys!

So very, very happy for you! Sending much hope and good wishes your way....

SUCH wonderful news, I'm all verklempt!

I SO get it.


Um, I think your hit count went up because everyone and their sister blogged this past week about you being pregnant. (lol)

I would guess that being pg after a period of infertility is a lot like being pg after a loss -- you're so focused on getting pg that it comes as a bit of a shock how freaking scary it can be once you are. I know that during my last pregnancy (post-loss) I struggled with fear quite a bit, and was convinced more than once that I had lost our baby...but I hadn't. Fear messes with you. (obviously)

Of course we're still praying -- though you've changed places on the list now, you're not on our list of women who *want* to have babies in their tummies, but with the ones who *do*, and we pray earnestly that your teeny tiny baby ("THIS BIG!" exclaimed my two-year-old, with wonder in her voice, holding her thumb and forefinger thisclose together) will grow big and strong and healthy. ;)

Wow, congratulations! I am so happy for you all! To share the journey of pregnancy with someone close is wonderful, but to share it with your sister... now THAT is miracle in itself. God defintately has a plan for everyone. I am so happy that His plan was finally revealed to you. Wishing the best for you three!

I agree with Amber - what a lovely and amazing thing to write:

We pray hard that we will have the chance to meet and raise this little one, but whether we get that chance or not, everything is different now. He exists. In future years our children may come to us in many different ways, but this is how the first has come and so these days are the birthplace of our family.

I don't know why you would ever think these details are less than fascinating. They are. We are hanging on every word, and the words are all wonderful. My two year is also praying for you - he was very excited to learn that someone else has a baby in their belly. Of course, he thinks he has a baby in his belly, too, (we knowa lot of people who are pregnant) but it's all very exciting to him.

I thought, btw, that you were writing on day 41 because you had had 18 high temperatures. ;)

Hi, I'm a new reader (got here by way of the joyful announcement at My Domestic Church).

Congratulations, and may God ever so richly bless you, your husband, and your child.

Holy Family, pray for them.

i am thrilled for you and i don't even know you!!!

congratulations :)

st. jerome, pray for them.

oh gosh, in my zeal, i meant to type GERARD, st. gerard!!

i am sure st. jerome won't mind, either ;)

How wonderful!! Congratulations. I loved your post and the simple line 'he exists' is just priceless!

Hmm.. in my excitement earlier I wrote "Michael" instead of "Bryan" (mea culpa!) though I don't know who Michael is :p Once again, my prayers for all of you! So happy for you although I don't know you :)

You bum! I can't believe that you found out you were pregnant on MY BIRTHDAY! That makes me so happy!! Oh, and did it occur to you that that was also the day you and Bry got engaged? Coincidence? I think not. Still praying, and rejoicing, and wishing I didn't have to wait until Easter to see you! I love you so much!

You know, I just wanted to mention how incredibly cool it is that you and Rosie are pregnant at the same time. Having cousins so close together is going to be wonderful, just you wait and see. (My son and my brother's son are a month appart - should have been three, but my little man arrived quite a bit earlier than expected - anyway, all's well and they are the best of friends, and it is a beautiful thing to behold.)

I'm very happy for you.

Thank you for being willing to share both that and the fear simultaneously.

Again, congratulations!

My favorite thought in early pregnancy was that when Jon and I were together there were now three guardian angels in the car, at the grocery store, or taking a walk. We were a family in a whole new way. Enjoy this wonderful time!

A funny thing happened when I was doing my morning Bible reading--a verse reminded me of you. Or of what you have been writing recently. Psalm 25:1-2
LORD, I turn my hope to You.
My God, I trust in You.

It goes on but that part in particular reminded me of what you have been praying recently. So I took that as a reminder to pray for you (and your family!) and to claim it as my prayer, too.

Oh, oh, oh. Oh, honey.
I've been away for a few days (I got MARRIED), and I missed your first announcement. Oh honey. Congratulations! You're right, nothing is ever the same.
I will be praying for you and your spark of life.

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and Bryan.

A most heartfelt congratulations to you. How beautifully this all worked out; I am just so happy to drop in after an absence and see this great, great news.

I'm in an infrequent reader -- just check in on your blog every once in a while to see if a miracle might have happened, and I'm so happy to see that one has! Blessings on you and your family.

I am thrilled for you and you have my prayers. God is so good.
Your story very much reminds me of my friends'. They, too, just found out they are expecting, and it's been a long, hard journey for them. You share the same strong faith- I am sure in life you'd be friends. :)
When I pray for them it will remind me to pray for you.
God Bless you as you are now parents!

I just wanted to say officially CONGRATS! I am still thrilled at your news. :)

I came over from JenEx -

Hello and congratulations.

Oh Arwen, congratulations! I am SO happy for you! It has been one heck of a long road for you two and this news makes my day. Prayers for a healthy 8.5 more months.

Great day in the morning! I turn off my computer for a few weeks to catch the Winter Olympics, and THIS is what I miss!

I am overflowing with joy for you and Bryan and this wonderful baby who is so blessed to have such parents! I will pray even more fervently for you now than before, for health, happiness, and peace for all three of you.

I love your attitude, and your father is a very wise man.

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