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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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Aw, yay! Wedding photos! Hey, I think they look fine. They look better than my scanned wedding photos, for the most part!

I love the veil design. My own veil was a bit pokey, but that's mainly because I couldn't be bothered to sew my own and was looking to spend as little as possible on it. But hey, it did the job. :-)

OK, I'll bite. What DID you eat at the reception? (And then I had to stop and think hard for a minute to remember what we had for food at ours.)

I want everyone to look at those pictures and realize that I have the most beautiful sister in the entire world. Also, Arwen, I think you need to tell the story of what happened while we were getting our hair done. It's priceless.

Okay, Sarah. We had our wedding at a restaurant (a nice one) and we chose two salads and a soup and three sandwiches (fancy ones) and they made us our own wedding reception menus for our guests to use, and each guest chose a soup/salad and a sandwich. (We also had a children's menu so the kids could choose macaroni or hot dogs or grilled cheese.) I believe I ordered french onion soup and some kind of chicken-croissant sandwich. I also remember there was fruit on my plate. But I don't think I really ate any of it.

Okay, M, I'll bite. Here's the story: I am the only person I know who has gotten peed on on her wedding day. The woman who did our hair has twin boys who were just a year old at the time, and when we were over at her house that morning I offered to change a diaper. I took off the old diaper and the boy started fussing, so (even though I KNOW you should never do this) I picked him up to comfort him before I put his new diaper on. Predictably, I got sprayed. Fortunately, I was not yet dressed. :)

I love the photos! Incidentally, we didn't have a nuptial Mass either, and also for the reason that maybe 5% of the people attending would have been able to take Communion, and that number did not include the groom.

And never mind the dinner itself - what flavour(s) was the cake? (That cake is gorgeous. Please tell me it tasted as good as it looked).

BTW Sarah, I'll do you one better - I didn't have a veil at all :). (I did have roses for my hair, though).

We got incredibly lucky with the cake - it was free! My former babysitter (the woman in the coming-down-the-aisle picture, actually) makes cakes and she gave us ours as a wedding present. It tasted as good as it looked, too, which is rare for wedding cakes in my experience. We had four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and carrot. Soooo good.

Lovely pictures! You were a beautiful bride, and the pictures of you as a couple look so natural.
I can relate to the not eating--everyone raved about the food at our reception, and it wasn't for quite a while afterwards that I realized I hadn't eaten a bite.
Isn't what happened while you were getting your hair done good luck in some cultures? ;)

wow - I've been reading your blog for over a year! Is there a support group for addicted blog readers anonymous out there?

Beautiful wedding pictures!!

I wish my husband would let me post ours on my blog. I can't do that behind his back though.

That would be wrong huh?

Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous pics! I love that you have this "yay! I'm married!" grin in all the pics instead of the plastered-on fake smile you see in many wedding pictures.

I don't remember much of anything about my wedding day either. And if you look at my pictures, I look totally like I'm in a daze most of the time.

Lovely pictures. I don't think you look weird at all in any of them, and they do look natural. You look very happy. You do know that you can choose the quality on the scanner I suppose? The quality of my scanned pictures was always horrible until I discovered the function of the resolution thingy,... it needs to be set at at least 300 to get a good quality picture, but that also takes up much more space and takes more time to scan. I assume you already knew that, but just in case...

I remember the choices we had at our reception, but now that I think about it, I don't remember which one I chose. (It's been almost 9 years for me though.) And I didn't have a veil either. Instead I borrowed a hairpiece that a friend of mine had for her wedding, with little white flowers hanging down.

Thanks for sharing your lovely wedding!

Thanks for sharing your wedding photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Your dress is GORGEOUS. So pretty and simple!

Thank you for posting the photos!

Gorgeous looks like a great long are you married now?


I'll echo the "lovely pictures" refrain. My wedding day was over 90 degrees in a non-air-conditioned church, so I can sympathize with you there! My dress had lines very similar to yours, but with roses embroidered on the bodice and hem.

And I can definitely resonate with barely remembering a second of the wedding day! It was so surreal - I think because I'd been anticipating it for so long, and now it was finally here, so it was that switch from all that anticipation to trying to just be present. (The Easter Vigil when I became Catholic was nearly as surreal as my wedding day, I think for the same reason.) Thank goodness for photos!

Arwen, these are beautiful! And since it hasn't been asked yet, I have a question for you as well. You were holding such a lovely bouquet-- what kind of flowers were in it, and did you choose them for specific reasons? Thanks again for sharing! Wow, I guess that this means I've been reading for a little over a year now! God bless!

Great pictures ~ What a beautiful wedding!

I don't remember much from our wedding either. The main thing I remember from our reception was the meatballs... we had bags of them in our freezer that first year. =)

Beautiful bride and handsome groom! I love wedding pics.

I remember picking what the menu was going to be, but I don't remember eating much of anything - except for the strawberries. I remember eating them and worrying that I was going to get strawberry juice on my dress!

Thanks for sharing these.

Ditto all the compliments! So to be different I'll comment on how I was struck by the beauty of the church - and then read on and saw why it pleased my Anglican tastes! So I have a question - who performed the ceremony -a Roman Catholic or Episcopal priest? If the latter, all baptized are supposed to be invited to take communion. I'm confused, if you had opted for a mass would the Epis. Diocese have allowed a visting clergy to restrict at a mass? but hey - I know nada compared to you and most of the readers here!

I am starting to feel like the only bride who ever ate at her reception! We made a decision to at least taste each course. We even sampled each other's different entrees. And the dessert plate, and the cake! It's a wonder I didn't burst out of The Dress!

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I think they are great. I don't remember much of the food at our wedding (other than a tomato and mozzarella salad) but I did eat. I didn't go to the bathroom though. I peed before the ceremony and then not again until after I had the dress off. Also, I think you did the right thing by not having mass, if large portions of the people were unable to get communion. A friend of mine did that, for that exact same reason, and I think it's a great idea.

Hoo - good question about who performed the ceremony. Even though we had the service at an Episcopal church, it was performed by a Catholic priest (the shorter man you can see standing between us in the "Rings" photo - he's actually from India, Syro-Malankar rite, and this was the first wedding he performed in Latin Rite. He did a lovely job, too). There was no mass, just the basic Rite of Marriage preceded by two readings (one Old Testament, one New), a gospel, and a homily.

It was a great day, and I don't even remember the heat! In the photo of you and Bryan dancing, your cousin, newly-adopted from China, is standing just to Bryan's right in a lavender satin dress and no shoes.

want a funny wedding day memory, my best ever girl friend, Jan, was my matron of honor. I actually had to plan the wedding around her due date, so instead of the April wedding I wanted, I had to settle for a June wedding. It was beautiful, all the (8) girls were so beautiful, Michael and I were happy as ever, but every time Jan and I made eye contact we almost lost ourselves in laughter. She was working 3rd shift and called me about 2 AM (i was still very much awake) "oh no Bev, my shoes do not fit.... just tried them on, no time to order new, no green shoes at wal mart, not enough time to go to the mall" all we could do was think of how she was really going to stick out in white shoes, however she was the m.o.h, and could probably get by with it. some how in the conversation one of us (we forgot who) had the bright brillent idea to buy white shopes green spray paint and make our own green shoes......yes we did, and it worked, but the funniest part of all is that her shoes werent quite dry by the ceremony and when she went to take them off, she hose were stuck to the shoes, it was so SO SO SO SO halarious!!!!

by the way, VERY BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!!!!!!!! I know it was a blissful day for you both,and it was 3 days before my Arwen's birthday....speaking of my Arwen, off to put her in bed..... for about the 10th time.

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