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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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Good for you! Keep us updated on any developments. :-)


Fake plants are pretty much all I can have in my home - my cats eat all the rest and dig the dirt out of the potters!

I'm glad that you began the process of trying to start the support group. I hope that the suggestion is well received by the pastor and your group can get underway! Hopefully you'll get a response soon. Brings new meaning to the two week wait, no? :)

My fake tree is my favorite plant. I am constantly buying "real" plants and try my best, but honestly, I am a plant killer.

Maybe I should have posted this in the Confeitor entry!

I'm all for having plants around, fake or otherwise. Currently all my houseplants are live, but if I ever wanted to have, say, a ficus tree in my apartment, it's going to have to be fake, because I know I'd kill the poor sensitive creature.

As for putting up Christmasy decorations, my hubby and I follow the traditions of both our families and wait to put up any decorations until the week before Christmas, at the earliest. (Then we leave them up through the whole 12 days of Christmas, and often beyond.) My parents don't decorate their tree until Christmas Eve. Brian and I do have an advent wreath out, however! :-)

Do you have fake bugs to go with your fake plants?

We're looking into getting a fake ficus for behind the bed. I'm not sure if you can kill a fake plant, but if you can, I probably will.

Congratulations on pursuing the small group idea. Keep us posted.

the e mail is very touching. I personally never struggled with infertility. I was dx with endometerosis as a teen and was told it would make having babies very hard, well 3 monthe after i was married i was pregnant with Lucas and his twin, I lost the twin, but lucas is healthe. When he was 3 months old I got pregnant again and lost the baby. when he was 5 months old, I got pregnant with my Arwen. Difficult pregnancy, she was very sick and born 6 weeks early. When she was 11 monthe old i got pregnant with Kylie-Jayde. I finally had to have a hysterectomy. I was in constant pain every month and completely dreaded my periods. I would loose days I was in so much pain. I hemoraged. I never thought I would miss having babies so much but now they are all potty trained, indipendent little beings and i miss being pregnant, breast feeding and all my kids told me they wanted for Christmas was a little baby. I have actually prayed for God to grow me another uterus, after all when Arwen was 1 she cut her finger off in a door hinge and God grew it back. But I have to remind myself that I do have 3 healthy children, and I am so thankful God allowed ,e to have them, and show that DR!!!!!
Arwen, I pray for you and Bryan to have peace, and I hope God blesses you with a little one soon. You are a smart lady and I know you will be a good leader. I just hope soon you will be able to resign and go to the other group :} huggs and more huggs

Hi Arwen- I just wanted to introduce myself and de-lurk. I have been checking out your blog for a few weeks now! I absolutely love it.

My husband and I have been going through the infertility journey as well.

Glad to hear that you are starting an IF small group for women at your church. I think it is a brave thing to do. I still need to get up enough courage to actually show up at the session they hold once a month at *my* church!

Please keep us posted.

Fake Floor Plants RULE!

Plant snobs turn up your noses if you dare! How dare you deny a black thumb like me the pleasure of greenery in her small but comfy apartment!

Let's hear it for fake floor plants!

Word to your floor plants,


I can't believe your pastor would be anything other than delighted to receive such a thoughtful, well-thought out, and faithful request.

Good luck - those in your group wll be lucky indeed!

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