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Friday, November 04, 2005


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LOL, I really do have to part company with you on #34. My husband is 5' 9" also... and I'm entirely happy to be 5' 10"! :-)

All the rest are great though. Even the coffee slam, for which you are forgiven. ;-)

All of this sounds strangely familiar ... except for the math puzzles. I am severely mathematically handicapped, and my dad was never in the Coast Guard. I didn't get Bell's Palsy, either - I got shingles, though, senior year. Much fun was not had by anyone, because oh God that hurt! And I love ice cream and chocolate to excess. But I'm with you on the authors, the lack of sufficient floor mopping, the British authors, the annoyingness of DS, DD etc ... (though these last because I tend to associate them with the TTC boards which are all sparkly and super-optimistic. They made me want to bite something).

I like unusual names as well but am never quite sure where the line is crossed from "unusual" to "has to explain it all the time" to "flat-out embarrassing." (Also there's that pesky matter of getting the spouse to agree with them). For example, I cherish a fondness for the girls' names Sunniva and Scholastica, but would be really, really nervous about using them. (On the other hand, they are saints' names which aren't the usual suspects to be found at the baptismal font!)

I don't have anything from the Ratzinger Fan Club but have considered getting Daniel a "Viva Benedict XVI" creeper. Christmas, maybe?


My mom also goes by her middle name.

You and I have several favorite authors in common (and share the Anne of Green Gables habit, too). Have you ever read Jane Langton? (One caveat: she's from the US -- put it on your 'exceptions' shelf with Dave Barry).

My parents are also omniscient. Get a computer programmer/scientist/English lit enthusiast and a classics major/librarian/armchair theologian together, and there's really no area of knowlege left un-experted (and my faith in this remains secure, even at the ripe old age of 28).

My Brian (mine spells it with an 'i') and I always go to bed at the same, too. I'm 5'9.5" and he's 5'10"(different heights, same difference). Luckily, I hardly ever wear heels.

When I was a kid, I looooved the smell of spring. Kinda like dirt and wet and flowers that haven't come up yet. It doesn't smell the same in California as it did in Massachusetts. And i miss the epic puddles left by melting snow.


I'm not a huge Ratzinger fan. But I'm not Catholic, either. Us Protestants like the heresy!

I took one ballet class, when I was 6. I was the oldest kid in the class, and the only one who didn't know how to skip (I could only gallop). At the end of the class, the teacher told me I should consider other avenues of creative expression.

I've never learned how to properly mop a floor (I make it up pretty much every time).

Ok, I am totally with you on the chocolate and coffee things. And the dh/ds/dd etc thing, that makes me INSANE. Many of the same authorial favorites, particularly Sayers & Austen and I have read the Anne books like 712 times now.

I want to be taller, though. And I can't cook worth a damn.

We really must get together again. We only hung out that once and yet somehow I miss you!


You already know we have lots in common. But this one caught my eye:

"11. We repainted and recarpeted this house before we moved in. I agonized for weeks over the colors. Now it makes me unduly happy when I get compliments on them."

Liam and I picked out the paints for our little cottage. It's practically the only part of the interior decorating we had a choice about, since all of our furniture et al are hand-me-downs. I am absurdly defensive of our (admittedly bold) color choices, and very pleased when someone praises it.

Things we have relatively in common:
10, 12, 14 (I think that spring and fall both have their own special scents, but I can still find them...I'd be very sad if I couldn't), 15 (read a TON as a child), 20 (no cousins on my Dad's side, as he's an only child), 23, 24, 25 (didn't take ballet, but I took piano and regret quiting), 27 (hooray for good tea!), 28 (I waver on this one...I loved being homeschooled, but think that homeschooling works better for some personality types than others), 30, 34 (I won't mind being 5'11" so much if I marry a guy over 6'2" or so. but I'm not counting on it!), 36, 38, 42, 44, 46 (except my parents didn't pick uncommon names, and some of my favorite names are pretty common...but I like the idea of using uncommon names), 48

Things we don't have in common:
2 (I'm much better at Scrabble than I am at Boggle), 5, 6 (I prefer sausage...not a fan of bacon), 8 and 9 (i would never turn down ice cream or chocolate), 22, 29 (haven't read it)...and I'm out of time. But it was fun to go through your list!

LOVE the Ratzinger sweatshirt. That's just fabulous.

My mother-in-law does that thing with food, too -- every year or so, she'll get "a thing" that she eats over and over and over. Every now and again, my husband will look at something at the store and say 'Oh. Triscuits. Yeah. Those were one of my mom's Things".

I also have a lot of shoes.

I am currently in the middle of reading The Princess Diaries series, at the age of 31. LOVE 'EM but slightly embarrassed. Also love Anne, Emily, et al. -- not embarrassed.

I am 5'9" (I grew an inch after taking yoga for about a year -- I think I was sort of hunched!) and my husband is about 5'10" or 11. I don't mind it too much, and try to avoid wearing high heels. I don't wear them much anyway -- I don't particularly relish being 6' high in my shoes!

I got an iPod mini for my birthday! It's blue. I love it.

Some things that are somewhat the same:

My maiden name was pretty common and easily spelled. My married name is not easy at all. Almost made me think about not changing my name!

I'd love to play you at Boggle. I've never been beaten. I hate Scrabble. And I adore Cross Sums. Enough that I have purchased one collector book in the past.

I love to read. And I can't stand coffee. And I think I have migratory glossitis - at least that sounds like the symptoms I've been having for the past several months. Perhaps I'll have to actually ask a doctor about this at some point.

And I have made many white sauces. They are so easy to make! My mother always makes me cook it, because she says that she always burns them.

And I do not care to even think of my husband dying. I would miss him too much to consider it, even with the hope of heaven.

I am also a good Boggler. Not a bad scrabbler. My DH (sorry for the annoying abbreviation) is an excellent scrabbler.

I love both ice cream and chocolate. I particularly like chocolate ice cream.

I remember the smell of ozone and thunderstorms when I was a kid, and the smell of wet leaves in the fall, but not spring. I also have smells that I can remember in character but not in scent.

I also hate flourescent lights.

I also read compulsively as a child.

My DH (again, sorry) goes by his middle name.

My middle name is also Elizabeth.

My DH (SORRY) was not in the coast guard but was in the air force.

My kitchen floor sometimes, on rare occasion, gets wet swiffered. I don't own a mop.

"23. I do not like to be wrong, or to admit that I’m wrong. As a result of this I am very vehement when I argue." ... we are identical on this point.

I adore the Anne of GG books.

I would like to have an iPod but I don't understand them.

Same:6-Bacon is good!; 15-Also a big reader; 19-I don't mop nearly enough; 21; 22; 27-I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste. I also don't like anything with a coffee flavor; 30-LOVE AoGG and plan to give the set to each of my God-daughters when they are old enough to really enjoy them; 38; 44-YUMMY; 50-though another very scary thing for me is the thought that I may never have children.

Different: 2-I stink at both Boggle and Scrabble; 5-I don't even know what Cross Sums are; 7-no basement, and the laundry room is upstairs. I have to keep up with it or our hallway would be overrun with laundry; 8&9-LOVE them both!; 18-My dad was in the Army and I can't mop; 24-I will never write a book, I hate writing anything; 34-just the opposite, I wish I was taller. I am only 5'2"; 39; 43-I can't remember much of anything.

Random comment: I love the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club slogan: “Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981.” Though I don't have any of them, some of my friends are big collectors of his fan club artifacts!

You failed to let everyone know that I was the one who figured out that you had Bell's Palsy. I'm still very proud of that. Anyway, I love you and I can't wait to see you--only two more weeks!

I kept my maiden name because one doesn't change that in the province of Québec anymore. (Civil law) But it wouldn't make much difference, I'd still have to spell it out in English provinces but not have to worry about it in Québec.

Chocolate and ice cream don't appeal all that much to me either, unless it is very dark chocolate. (and definitely no chocolate ice cream)

I love to interior decorate, but don't agnonize over colours. That comes more easily for me. I also enjoy compliments about the decor.

I love spring, (and the smell of it).

I have started to write umpteen books and have yet to finish one. (but they are fiction)

I go by my middle name. My brother goes by his third name. My husband goes by his second name (he has four given names!) It used to be Quebecois tradition to give all boys the first name of Joseph and all girls the first name of Mary and they would go by their second names. Often they would be given a third name and that would be either the godfather's name (for a boy) or the godmother's name (for a girl). I don't know how my husband ended up with a fourth name though.

I also read a lot. I get so engrossed I don't hear anything going on anymore. When I start a book, nothing gets done in the house until it is done. (To the chagrin of my husband, who would like to eat when he gets home from work) I hate to be interupted in the middle of reading.

My husband and I used to go to bed mostly at the same time. Now he works so late a lot of the time that I don't wait for him. (Also I have been married a lot longer than you and it bothers me less now to go to bed before him).

I have also read all of the Anne of Green Gables books.

I am 5'7.5 and my husband is 8' so same difference. I also do not wear high heels very often, and I wish I could be just a bit less tall (or he just a bit more).

My dad is also an author with one book published.

I would love to give my children unusual names too, but my husband would just not go for that.

Oops, in the third last one there, that should read, my husband is 5'8 not 8' !!!

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