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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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So, hang on, I'm confused. Your *real*, first, given, Christian name is 'Arwen'? NOT 'Elizabeth'? Blimey. I thought Arwen was just a name you liked!


FWIW, I think it's a great name =) Luke would laugh at me, too, probably... lately I've been pondering whether or not Riker is a good name and Wesley has been at the top of my list for a few years now ;)

Embrace your name, you're right in saying it's a huge part of who you are.

I've lived with an unusual name all my life and I've loved it. Sure it kind of hurt when I was younger and I couldn't find pencils/keychains/barrettes with my name on them. Teachers always mispronounced my name and I still get mail addressed to "Mr. Beret ____" (I'm a girl!)

But, it's a small price to pay for being so unique.

I'm confused. What is your name?

I was reading your story and thinking, "Sshhh, you shouldn't tell this story; everybody's going to figure out what your name is!"

Silly me.

For those of you who are still bewildered, here's another hint: I'm Arwen/Elizabeth's mother, and her dad and I just loooooove Lord of the Rings! ;-)

What Jenny said. ;) What a startling revelation.

So which do you go by? Either? Both? Anything but Earwig?

Thanks for sharing this with us; it is a big part of your life, like Ms. Beret said!

That's so cool! You certainly had me fooled.

It's a great name, but I bet it must have seemed like a trial at times before LotR stuff became fashionable.

I'm one who didn't have a clue until I read this post! LOL But I love your name, and thank you for sharing it with us.

I love your name! I love that your parents love LOTR! And why not Arwen - it's a beautiful name.

cool story too :-)

It's a good thing our daughter came along before my husband and I became huge Harry Potter fans. I'm not sure she would have appreciated being called Hermione! Arwen is a much better choice.

Ah, but it's been so much fun to watch people just assume that Arwen was a screen name! When I first met you, I asked about your were very good-tempered considering that I was probably the 20th person to ask, "So your name really is Arwen? Like from LOtR" that day. :-)

Hee! The more I think about it, the more I think you're doomed to always be 'Elizabeth' to THIS blog reader. I think its too late for me to change now!

But thank you for letting us know!

Hey, that's great! LOL, you had me fooled. I used to know a girl who's sister was named Eowyn, so you're definitely not alone out there! My mother has always been fond of the name Sam, on account of Sam Gamgee, and I like it too (but if I ever use it for a male child of mine, it'll formally be a derivative of Samuel).

This is great! For some reason I always had a hard time thinking of you as Elizabeth; Arwen just flowed better. :-)

P.S., not all nicknames have to be shorter than the original name. Polish folks typically ADD letters to the end of names to make them "diminutive". Thus emboldened, I have to share that when I go to look up your blog site, I often find myself thinking "Let's go see what's up with Arwenna."

I really like Arwen. My cousin and his wife are huge fans of LotR, and named their daughter Lainne Arwen.

I know two different Galadriels. And - Arwen is on our list of baby names.

And - dh and I went through Tolkien's Simarillion the other night looking at names.

Oh - I also know an Aragorn Boramir (and he's got like five sibs, all named after LOTR characters). You're definitely not alone!
Love the name!

Oh! My goodness! I had no idea. It's a beautiful name, and your parents just galloped up several levels in my estimation - how very cool of them to name you Arwen! Not that they needed to, but anyone who names their children after characters in books I love ... well, they get automatic cool points.

Although, hmmmph, now my middle name and your real name do not match -- alas!

Oh, and, I may be a smartypants in other arenas, but I am still confused on one thing: Did you make up Elizabeth for this blog? Or do you use it in certain situations but not others?

At least you have a cool unique name. You have no idea how many of my friends' moms were named Lisa. I always wanted a different name and if I ever have a girl, I want her to have a unique, but pretty name.

Wow - I'm another one who had no idea; just thought Arwen was your screen name. As for nicknames - well, to second what Sarah said, the Russians also tend to extend names when they want to make diminutives, so maybe ... Arwenka? Arwenochka? Hmm, maybe not. It sounds better with the accent, though!

I also like Tolkien names a lot (Boromir and Faramir from the trilogy) but don't know if I'd be brave enough to give them to a kid because I'd be uneasy about the slight but real chance that they would read LoTR and just not like it very much. Also, several of the names I really like are from the Silmarillion and are bestowed on less-than-admirable characters. Sigh. But your parents landed a good 'un :).

I have been living with "Erentrudis" for 22 years. You got lucky!! You cannot even imagine the ways people find to mispronounce mine!

I'm so surprised!! In your "about" page you said that you LIKED the name Arwen--which of course does not preclude it from actually being your real name, but definitely led me to believe it was merely your "handle" for your blog. So, here's what I remain confused about: In "real life" do you go by Arwen or do you go by Elizabeth? (One of my college profs has a daughter named Arwen Joy, but they call her AJ, and his son is Theoden. Do any of your siblings have LOTR names?)

Wow. Now are you going to reveal that you are actually an elf?

I am greatly amused. To have a name that you can hide in plain sight, who would of thought? Now, this brings up your Mom. Just how old is she? to have given you a name that you can use as a "internet handle".

My name is unusual (thus, the initials), but it is only unusual because of my ethnicity. That is, it wouldn't be unusual if I didn't live in the US. I love having an unusual name (though I didn't as a child), and would be greatly distressed if I had the same name as everyone else.


I've been praying for Elizabeth and Michael to have a baby. I asssume you've informed God of the deal with the name so all prayers are properly dispersed!!

Wow, that is too funny. I never in a million years would have guessed that if you hadn't shared it. I'm really shocked. How funny that you can put your name right out there like that and have everyone assume it's a pseudonym.
So then we share the same middle name. :)
Wow, I'm still floored. And your husband looks like a Michael! Totally weird. Now I'm going to have to wonder what LotR/literary names your siblings have that make them eminently googlable. Not that I expect you to say, I don't, it's just a fascinating thought.

I would not have guessed Arwen was your real name either, in fact I was one who said I prefered Eowyn to Arwen, :) thinking it was only a pseudonyme. But that is really cool that you do actually have that as your real name. And it is such a nice name too, much better than Gollum. :) Unfortunately most LotR names do not go with either my last name nor my husband's last name, (very French names...)

I know what you mean about unique names though, like some other people here, mine is constantly mis-pronounced and miss-spelled, at least by the non-French people. :)

Um, I can't say a darned thing.
My first daughter is Piper Arwen.
My second daughter is Bridget Eowyn.
Our impending addition also has a LOTR middle name. If it were up to my dh, LOTR would be their first names. :-)

Arwen is a beautiful name. And I love it in my daughter's name. I hope she never removes it. It's really special.

Jamie ~ Way to go! And I REALLY thought I was the only mom in the world who'd given their kid a LOTR name! LOL

The first 10 times I read this I was sure your real name must be "Ennorath". Hey, it was late. I really like Arwen, but it doesn't seem that super unusual to me - I know of women named Bowen, Gowan, and other preppy-surnames-as-first-names - so Arwen seems very feminine, pretty and imaginative to me. I mean, my folks named me Susan with no middle name - I'm still waiting for an exciting backstory to justify a boring and lame choice.

Wait, wait, wait! Michael is not called Michael?? This is too much - my mind, it is totally blown.

I will NEVER trust the internet again ;)

Really?? LOL!! :) I LOVE the name Arwen! Very original. I'm very into "rare" names and want to name my children names that aren't common.

But your hubby SO looks like a Michael! Too funny.



Ok, no.

I was reading the first part and like Jamie, thinking "why are you telling this story? you're totally giving it away!!" Hee. Good for you.

Since I was cool enough to already know this fact, I am wondering what we should title your new blog masthead?

Ack. I'm all thrown by this, so I've been calling you Arwen-who-used-to-be-Elizabeth. Feel free to adopt that as a nickname if you like (AWUTBE?). Since your sister's wedding, I've been dancing around the house singing "My Sister Rose" and now I find out it's all a cruel, cruel joke. Sigh.

I echo exactly what Jenny said!! Michael is not Michael?!! Ack! I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. He LOOKS so much like a Michael in the photos. And I'm soo curious about your siblings' names. (Although I understand your reasons for using pseudonyms.) As for your blog name not being so creative as it might has initially appeared (I guess your parents get the creativity points...or would that be JRR?), your tag line remains very creative. I am impressed, since my blog has both a boring name AND a boring tag line. :)

arwen is a fantastic name!

As the mother of an Arwen Elizabeth I have to say that I think you have a great name as well ;)

I e mailed you but thought I would post this here also. I Have a daughter named Arwen Bailey Lastname. We named her after a friend of mine that my Husband worked with. Her name is Arwen Ruth.{her parents named her after Arwen from L.O.T.R.} I have never met another Arwen before. I just love the name. I think your parents did a great job. Oh, did I mention my hubbys name is Michael???

Oh also, reading from above, when we first brought Arwen home from the hospital, my mother in law called her Wennie {like from the wonder years} my hub had a fit. She is a little drama Queen and Whines a lot so my hub now calles her ARWHINEY. LOL

Someone wanted to know how old Arwen/Elizabeth's mother was to name her after LOTR. Don't some of the younger people realize that LOTR has been around, in print, since 1954? Yes, that's right, is was written and published loooonnngggg before it hit the big screen. Imagine!!

I just stumbled acroos your blog today. I know this is an old post and you'll probably never see my comment, but I wanted you to know that I think you name is very cool and I totally understand about changing your sibling's names on your blog. I don't tell what my name is online either. =)

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