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Saturday, October 29, 2005


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Arwen, you're an inspiration. Thank you.

Well, FINE ... go ahead and kick the breath right out of me! In a good way, though. =)

Has anyone ever told you how WISE you are? Because you are. God has given you so much grace and wisdom through all of this. You see things with such biblical clarity and truth. It is such a blessing to read how God is encouraging you ... it encourages ME!

The wedding sounds great - I'm so glad for both of them.

And for not being able to control these things - ugh, I know where you're coming from, but I still keep trying to do it! Very, very hard to give in. One of these days, I hope...

I'm happy for your aunt. And I'm happy for you, that you know the truth, and are willing to remind yourself of it as needed. The road may be long, and hard, and scary. But you never walk it alone.

Yes, the wedding was wonderful, wonderful. I had wondered if I would ever see my sister (your aunt) so happy again. I did not stop myself from bawling: for her and her late husband, for her new husband and his late wife, for the newlyweds, and for the fact that being grown up means knowing that you can feel intense grief and intense joy at the same time.

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