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Saturday, October 15, 2005


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I haven't yet left a comment about your name but I did want to tell you how beautiful and special it is. I vote that you should use "Michael's" real name... only because I am just dying to know. The way you described it... you liked it in theory but not so much as a name... I immediately thought his name was something strange like "chocolate." I know, I'm goofy.

As for your siblings... I am 10 years older than my next closest sister and 23 years older than my youngest sister. I am envious of your close, loving family. I hope I can impart love of family to my children. And I'm a little disappointed to see that Maggie isn't really Maggie. That is my daughter's name (Margaret) and I was excited to have something in common with you.

Again... thank you for sharing your beautiful name with us.

Keep calling him Michael. That's the name I associate with him, a man who loves and adores you beyond belief. (at least that's the picture I get from your blog) Here, in your blog, you present what you want us to read. I don't need all the facts or people's real names. It's kind of nice to know that they aren't the real names, it makes them more "everyman" (in a gender neutral kind of way)
I vote for the pseudonym!

Hey Cari--

don't worry, you can still think of me as Maggie! For some reason, I have a hard time thinking of myself as anything else in the blogosphere. I even have a hard time thinking of my own darling sister as anything but "Liz," but due to some recent negative associations with the name Michael, I'm voting that she starts using his real name instead. Besides, "Liz and Michael" was normal; "Arwen and Michael" is just plain weird. *ding!* (That was the computer, ringing in my two cents)

Off to study for midterms (yuck)!
God bless!

I am just wondering what "Michael" prefers? I leave it up to you, It doesn't really matter one way or the other.

Real name, please! I feel so violated! ;-) Or just maybe duped!

Hey, five kids and no television - this sounds eerily familiar :). (Though I did get into several shows in college and we do own a set now, I am ridiculously proud of having no antenna and thus being able to watch only DVDs). Re: Michael's name, I'll admit to being terribly curious but really, it's not exactly my business - whatever he's most comfortable with would probably be best. But darn it, he does *look* like a Michael ... :)

Oops, wasn't clear. I actually have four siblings, not five. I meant similar in terms of having a large enough family that strangers make inappropriate remarks.

I'm curious too, but hey, safety first.

I think your family rocks! And though it differs from my beloved family in many respects (like we're crazy Arabs, and I only have two siblings, and we were all born nine years apart, and I learned to read from PBS), I think I would have enjoyed growing up in a family like yours very much.

I am a tad curious to learn "Michael's" real name, but I think he should get to decide what his internet name will be.

I'm a vote for keeping with the norm, but I'm very curious what his real name is, because I'm nosey by nature. (Why else would I read so many blogs!) :)

I want to know his real name but he DOES look like a Michael!

My name isn't as unusual as Arwen, but I was the only one in my class with it and I hated it. Have now grown into it and basically like- have even thought about naming a future daughter the same name, if I ever get the chance.

I'm curious about M.'s real name, but it doesn't matter to me what you use. I'm anal about privacy and don't use real names on my blog, so who am I to ask you to do it on yours?

I like symmetry, so I like the idea of using all pseudonyms or all real names. I'm also very curious as to what his real name is, but I think you should go with whatever you feel comfortable doing. If you really are doing this by a vote, though, then I vote for his real name. :)

I LOVE the end of the blessing that your Dad gave you each night, and what your name represents. It's absolutely beautiful.

I'm glad your childhood friend's parents didn't know about me. Always considered to be one of the "brightest," in school, I was practically raised on television. I quote Jane Austen and The Simpson's equally. I wouldn't recommend it as a parenting strategy, but clearly it worked out alright.

As for the name game: Let's here the real McCoy! Please? The curiosity thing is killing me.

Because I am so nosey...and I can't stand not knowing....

Let us know his real name! :)

(esp. since he doesn't care.....)

I'd like to know "Michael's" real name. I know I haven't got brave enough to use my name on my blog but I'm curious now. It's up to you though.

I'd love to know Michael's real name too.

And btw ... what happened here?! I went away for a week, and come back to new names! I was cracking up, and slapping my forehead as I read each new entry.

I'm wondering, what did you think of seeing your namesake on the big screen? Were you pleased? I finally finished the end of the book this summer, and went through a few of the Appendices as well. Arwen and Aragorn's story is just breathtaking.

I am a fellow blogger (, have never met you before, but I decided to do a search for my name... Arwen... and see if I showed up. I didn't, because my blogname is veiled as Evenewra (my middle and First name spelled backwards... my first name is Arwen.) But you did. And lucky I should find an entry about your name that you wrote on this very day.

And in response to Rebekah's question to you... when my parents and husband and I went to see the The Fellowship of the Ring together I leaned over to my dad and asked, "Do I really look that shimmery?"

I hope to read more of your blog later when I have time and am not just procrastinating on what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Hope you don't mind a stranger showing up in your comments. I'd love to connect with another Arwen. I've never met another one (although my husband worked for one temporarily that I never met).

Mind if I post a link to your blog on mine?

I don't feel as if I can say one way or the other - it's not like I tell anyone our real names (other than mine - I really *am* Tracy!). But then I have a dh who prefers that I don't tell those particular details.

Not Elizabeth. Not Michael. Huh. This is starting to feel like a soap opera ;-)

I vote to use his first name. Partly out of curiosity and partly because now that I know Arwen is your real name I have a hard time picturing you married to a Michael!

Gosh, but I love hearing about your family, and I love the blessing your Dad prayed for you. That's so lovely. I feel like you're living in a Madeleine L'Engle novel or something. It makes me want to chuck my tv, to which I am too strongly attached. We used to give up tv for Lent when I was a kid, but it's not the same.
And I'm with everyone - I'm really curious what your husband's name is now. And I'm oddly convinced I know what it is. I'm sure I'm completely wrong, but that makes me want to know even more.

Hey, as long as you email me the real name, I don't care what you call him here, Arwen-who-used-to-be-Elizabeth.

Is it very bad if I fess up to never having read LOTR? Should I read them?

I agree with Maggie that 'Arwen and Michael' would be weird, because you know, it would be like where's Elizabeth gone? Who is this Arwen hussy moving in on Michael? So I guess you should use his real name.

Farewell, most Michael-looking of non-Michaels!

I don't use real names in my blog so feel free to use any names that you find interesting. However now I want to know what Michaels "real" name is because I am nosy:)

I'm curious to know Michael's real name, but as for what you use on this blog, that's up to you. "Arwen and Michael" doesn't break my brain.

I can identify with being part of a "statistically anomalous" family, and liking it. In my case I only had one sibling, and we watched plenty of TV, but we were homeschooled and that made up the difference. ;-) Our parents involved us in many social activities (4-H, Cub Scouts, swim team, etc.), but we were always "different". I had so little in common with my peers that I found myself preferring the company of grown-ups to the company of children my age! It all evened out when I reached college age, though. :-) Then I finally found people my age who I could identify with, and turned into a social butterfly.

I was never bothered by my slim social net as a child, though. We had learned to entertain ourselves, and I loved to read and play imagination games and run around outside with my brother, so I wasn't lonely. I was aware that other kids thought we were really weird, but if given a choice between "weird" and "normal", I'd have chosen weird every time!!

I = nosy. Like, terminally nosy. So naturally I want to learn "Michael"'s real name.

But really it's just because I'm nosy, so ... your call!

Oh, and I grew up only watching PBS (until I was about 15). Not the same as no TV at all, but I like to think it's a similar form of cognitive dissonance.

Delurking to say... I have been reading your blog since its inception, and after your revelation last week, I was left feeling sad and rather duped...crazy, I know! I was thinking, "And, I thought I knew her so well...". I am crushed to know that not only aren't you Elizabeth, but there is no Michael, Maggie, Rosie, George, Tommy or Anthony...did I miss anyone? OK, OK, I know they are real people, but the curious side of me is going to be wondering what their REAL names are every time you write about them!

I didn't look at your archives, but I could swear that your diploma said "Elizabeth"; you did an excellent job of concealing your IRL name!

I am dying of curosity, and just HAVE to know your husband's name because he certainly looks like a Michael to me!

I'm, similar to another commenter above in that I don't use mine or my husband's real name in my blog. I personally think he gets a kick out of me referring to him as G.R., otherwise known as Gorgeous Redhead.

So if you decide to continue using Michael, that's cool, although now I just want to know his real name out of curiosity.

Can we GUESS his real name? I guess....Mark.

Can we GUESS his real name? I guess....Mark.

My eldest daughter had a friend in High School named Arwen. They did a project together.
There have been many times when I wished that I had started bloggin anonymously - it would have made life a lot easier.

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