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Monday, October 17, 2005


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Bryan - OK, he does kind of look like a Bryan as well :). (I was rooting for Luke myself, because that way you could both have been characters in blockbuster trilogies, but we can't have everything). Just wanted to add, BTW - at least for me, I didn't feel seriously tricked or anything; I was mostly amused that you'd had your real name out there all the time and I had just assumed it was a screen name. In a public blog, pseudonyms are common sense. I'm an initial-user myself, but it has gotten awkward recently because there are only so many letters in the alphabet and I know an insane number of people with names that begin with A and J. Please don't worry about it!

Thanks for letting us into your beautiful family just a little more. Like the previous poster, I want you to know that I didn't feel tricked at all. I was just surprised. I think it is cool that had your real name out there for all of us to see and yet we were unable to see it! Of course, now I am curious about everyone else's 'real' names...but I do understand why they have to stay hidden.

BTW-He does look like a Bryan.

It's understandable (and probably safest) to protect some parts of your privacy. You did nothing wrong, don't be so hard on yourself. You also owe no one an apology.

Arwen, you always strive to be kind to others, but remember to be kind to yourself as well. You deserve it.

That's so cute. You two kind of rhyme.

And, um, if you can trust me with your siblings' names, yes please. I'm still singing My Sister Rose and I'm hoping if I know her real name I'll be able to get that song out of my head. Hey, I'm not sure if you know that song because I'm what? 10 years older? 10,000 Maniacs from In My Tribe. It's about sister Rose's wedding day.

I want to echo what others have said that I didn't feel duped or tricked. Just completely dumbfounded...but in kind of a fun way. :) (Certainly nothing you have to apologize for!) I think that I probably reacted with such surprise because the names you used weren't obviously pseudonyms.

I'd love to know your sibliings' names if you feel comfortable emailing them to me. (I have a thing about names..I just love names and the meanings behind them.)

I love how you revealed it - v cute!

Hey Arwen, don't sweat it! I had my tongue firmly in cheek when I said I felt duped! I was just kicking myself for totally missing a puzzle and failing to solve it! The internet is a tricky business and it's hard to know how far to go in terms of revealing yourself. I should know, I've had a blog for almost a year and I don't tell anyone the address!

With my heart racing with anticipation, I scanned through your post...I just KNEW you would give me the answer I was looking for at the end! I feel such relief knowing your wonderful husband's name is Bryan!!!

Like the others, I really thought that Arwen was just a screen name. You are v, v, clever!

Now that I know Bryan's true name, I am satisfied. Although I am wondering about your sibling's names, it's not as important for me to know them; I understand their need for privacy!

I don't feel tricked either, just sort of stunned like the ladies above. Mostly it's kind of funny, that you thought we'd figure it out and everything and we Just Didn't Get It. Oh heavens. Too much.

Thank you for sharing his real name. And thanks to Bryan too. He looks like a Bryan, so it's not weird to make the switch. And I'm partial to the name, being married to one myself.

Hey, this is great! So now you and I have the same middle name, and our husbands both have variants of the same first name! (Mine's a Brian, forgive me if I consider that the *proper* spelling. ;-)

I doubt anyone felt truly tricked or betrayed as a result of your use of pseudonyms. I certainly didn't. But then, I like surprises, as long as they're fundamentally pleasant ones. :-)

Hey! I've been out of the loop and missed all of this...count me among those who figured Arwen was so unusual it had to be a pseudonym - how funny! :)

Aw, sweetie, I can't imagine anyone was actually upset with you. Please don't feel guilty. (It's going to take a long time for me to read Bryan and get who you mean, by the way. He still looks like a Michael to me.)

Who in heck was annoyed with you? Goodness, it didn't ever occur to me. Of course you keep your identity under wraps! It's the internets! Who knows what's out there?

I kid, I kid. But - Bryan is a very lovely name, and suits him to a tee.

I'm old, I don't move as fast as I used to, it's going to take me a few days to make the transition from Michael to Bryan. And make it I shall. But who could be annoyed with you, at all, for keeping your family's privacy, or your own, for that matter? This is your blog, and you are sovereign ruler of this little corner of cyberspace. You can do what you want, and all hail Queen Arwen!

I read your site frequently, and love it. I don't comment much but I wanted to add that I never felt duped or tricked. I too thought Arwen was a pseudonym because it was so unusual, and think it's great you cleared up the mystery. I would love to know your sibling's names, esp the one your parent's made up. (I love unusual names) but I understand if you'd prefer not to tell me, I am not a frequent commenter but have been reading your site for along time.

Just weighing in to say that I, also, don't feel duped/tricked/deceived (did I cover everything? LOL) Like how you worked up to revealing Bryan's name. :)

As someone with a screenname, I'm not sure what the big deal is re: the name you use. Its the Internet- of course you'd want some privacy. Not sure why people feel duped/tricked, whatever.

How very curious. I must hang with a totally different "internet sector". I don't know of anybody in my e-circle that would have been upset by something like a misrepresentation of names. Creating a false online identity, including interests and family, would have been bad - but that isn't what you've done.

It's just a name. If there's anybody that really is getting their panties in a twist, they might want to reassess their priorities.

For what's worth you've always been Arwen to me. It's even ok that your husband spells his name wrong :)

I love mystery and intrigue, and role-playing, (I should have been an actor), Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I love to dress up and pretend I'm someone else for a couple of hours (still a kid at heart), so actually, although I don't mind knowing his real name, I would have been quite happy just continuing with the Michael thing. I think it's neat to post under a false name (although your pseudonym was actually your real name, since we didn't know that, it makes it doubly intriguing...) and use false names for others. I have a kind of alternative world on my own blog, that I write about from time to time, where, although I am refering to real events and real people, only the sentiment is true, the events are metaphorical and the names are obviously pseudonyms. That's what so great about the internet. Noone has to know the details, but you can still get the message out.

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