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Thursday, September 29, 2005


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Well, good! ...I'm in more of a romantic slow-dancing mood myself at the moment (was just listening to Edwin McCain's "Could Not Ask For More"), but I could bestir myself to hop a bit. ;-) Have fun with your sisters. I don't have any sisters, and always sort of wished that I did.

Ok, I'm at my desk at 9.15 am, but trust, me, I just did a...thing...with my shoulders that was very dancing-esque

Have a fab time in Florida !

*smiles* :-) *does a little dance too*! You are indeed very very blessed to have such lovely sisters and to be so close to them! Hope you have a great weekend. -x-x-x-

***doing the happy dance*** Have a wonderful time. Sisters truly have a way of lifting your spirits. :)

Glad you're feeling perkier -- have fun!

Life is hard.
God is good.

Dancing with ya.


You are so blessed to have such a great relationship with your sisters. I'll see if I can do some dancing with you too!

Gui and I are dancing for you too! Glad you are feeling happier - enjoy that good sisterliness!

I Loooove *NSync!

Life is good. So is John Denver, though. And so are sisters. Mine comes back from three weeks in New Zealand tomorrow, and I've missed her like crazy. I'm dancing, too. :)

My goodness child of GOD, you need to lighten up, I MEAN it, lighten up. You are so young and you fret far too much. You will have a child, a child of GOD, WHEN He chooses. Maybe part of your not conceiving is because you are so focused on it?? Learn to enjoy your life with the blessings that have been given you so far. The others will come. Not everyone is meant to be married, have a child, etc. etc. BUT, you have asked HIM, you have begged HIM, it will come as HE wants to see you happy. Whether it be by adoption or a gift. I visit here often, but do not post much. I have already told you my story. You are depressing yourself and your hubby by dwelling on this so much. Have you sought counseling with your Pastor to help you get over this hump? I pray that you will be given the gift, but, it may not happen if you are centered on it so much. Lighten up on yourself. Hopefully, the decrease in stress from your job will help you out. Be joyful with your husband and your family!!

It's comments like hers (he queen? HA!) that make a lot of christians scary to me.

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