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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


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I'm just so thankful you're okay.

I'm just so thankful you're okay.
Physically, I mean. I know how hard it is to get over the scared/shock part. I had panic attacks at the site of my first car accident for years.

I'm glad you're okay. Though it's easy to blame yourself, please try to remember that even the most concientious make mistakes once in a while.

Yikes, that sounds scary. I hope you get over it with a minimum of freaked-out-ness - for about six months after our first car got totaled I was hyperventilating if we even got vaguely close to another car on the road at any speed over about 15 MPH. Totally normal reaction, apparently. And really - don't blame yourself. Everyone has a brain blink like that once in a while. I'd also recommend a very hot shower and a silly movie and/or book, to help with the stiffness. Feel better!

Like you say, my reaction is 'Thank goodness you're not hurt!' and 'Anyone could have done that'!

I am very thankful you're not harmed. Auto accidents can be amazingly frightening, can they not? How is Michael doing? Such things can be very hard on men - whenever someone they love is endangered and they are not there to fend it off, they often see it as a personal failure. Very typical of you to turn such a thing into an opportunity for self-examination. It is indeed easier to forgive others for mistakes - even sins - than it is to forgive ourselves. I think you should take the advice regarding the hot shower and movie - or perhaps a visit to Blandings - today.

Yikes. I'm just glad you're ok. Everyone does stuff like that ... bet you didn't notice how my car bumper is repaired with duct tape? Yeah, I drove headfirst into a pole a couple of years ago. With my eyes wide open. These things happen...

I'm glad you are ok. That's really scary. I was shaky for a long time after I smooshed my car all up too.

Oh, hon, take good care of yourself today. I'm so glad you weren't hurt badly. We're praying for you here, that you feel better quickly and find the grace you're seeking.

Yes, everyone does make mistakes. Remember all of the times you've told me that I need to stop being so hard on myself? You were right--every time. Think about it. Also, on a more practical topic, try doing plies and port de bras to get rid of the soreness. Keep your chin up! I love you so much!!


You're right - we're all children of God and we wouldn't say such things to others, but we're so quick to say them to ourselves. Take good care of yourself physically during the next few days. I'm so glad that you are relatively unhurt, but the soreness will be painful for a few days.

And hang on - you've got a start in the right direction, you're doing great. And yes, it can happen to anyone. I remember when my dh totalled our car, and all I could think was thank God he's okay, thank God nobody was hurt, thank you God. He was much easier on himself than I would have been on myself though.

sending gentle hugs and prayers for you.

I am so glad that you are ok! I remember when I was in a fender bender (my fault), I was a mess over it. It is so scary. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Praise God that no one was badly hurt. I will be thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery.

Glad you are okay!


I'm glad you're o.k. and that no one was seriously hurt (other than your car, that is). I hope you're not too sore tomorrow, and that you're able to save the car!

I'm so sorry, though I'm glad to hear that you're safe and that at least intellectually you know you shouldn't beat yourself up. I hope you (and your car?) are both doing much better now?

They are called accidents for a reason. You didn't plan this, it just happened. What would you say to Michael if it happened to him?

I hd this same sort of accident about 5 years ago! Glad you're OK.

I'm passing through from Alicia's blog, and I just have to say, 'Thanks be to God' that you were not seriously physically injured as a result.

God bless.

Commenting late because I was out of town for several days...

Like everyone else I'm glad you're ok, and really, everyone does make mistakes, specifically mistakes with their vehicles. The number of times I've narrowly missed causing an accident and thought "Wow, that was incredibly stupid of me..." are too many to count. Thus far, my lapses haven't actually led to any damage (besides one minor incident in a parking lot where fault was equally shared), but I know my day is coming.

And hey, if my Mom could forgive herself for totaling my Dad's '66 Ford Mustang convertible in a solo black-ice accident with both of us kids in the car (very luckily, we were all fine), then surely you'll be able to stop kicking yourself about this little dust-up eventually. :-) Remember to not beat yourself up for beating yourself up!! Sometimes, you have to let your emotions run a bit, even if those emotions are self-recrimination. Just don't let them run wild for very long.

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