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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Awww - no, I think that was just about the most perfect comment he could have made :).

I'm glad your babysitting weekend is going well. I can imagine how thrilled the four-year-old was to be able to help you type - my parents always had computers in the house (my dad being a programmer) and we all went through stages where we would do everything we could to wrest control of the keyboards away from them.

What a good husband you have there!

That Michael, you should keep him, you should.

If my kids could read, they would be SO jealous that you are taking care of someone else's kids, and that they are stuck with me, their cow of a mother.

It has not been a joyous day here.

How wonderful of your husband to say that.

I agree with him completely. Smart man, that hubby of yourn.

Awwww. What a sweetie. You are good at it, too. Your kid is lucky -- he/she just doesn't know it yet.

Sigh... how beautiful. :-)

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