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Friday, August 26, 2005


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Hooray! What a lovely birthday! It all sounds great, except for the Arby's part (my husband loves them, but I can't stand Arby's sandwiches, though the curly fries are OK). ;-)

And I'm so glad you got to meet Jen and Li. I hope all the info you got will help you with your future adoption.

MMMMmmmm... apple crisp... I don't know if DH would like it, but I should make some, husband be darned. It's been far too long.

Aw, you made me cry.

Also, I'm glad you had a good birthday. Sounds terrific, and I can't wait to Michael.

Yea! What a great bday! Props to Michael!
And so much to comment on, but I'm just stuck on the Arby's: we have no Arby's on LI anymore- I thought they had gone out of business. Now I'll be craving that horseradish sauce until I can go upstate or CT. Where apparently I can also find this Tim Hortons you Wolverine state folk speak of.
Any chance you'd share that margarita receipe? Mine is from the back of a bottle..

That sounds like a fantastic birthday - though reading about it is making me hungry :). And it's great that you got to meet Jen and Li in real life - I lurk on her blog a lot and am usually too lazy to comment, but they sound like fun. (I take it they don't live too far from you - that's a piece of luck in itself).

Argh. I can't wait to MEET Michael. I have no designs on your husband. I was just, you know, crying, so not paying attention to what I was writing. I'm a dork.

Sonetka -- hi! Speak up!

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day. :)

I love Timmy Ho's - I'm glad you had such a nice birthday!

I am glad you had a good birthday. As much as possible I like to leave my birthday planning up to others--but have a backup. If I plan I get high expectations for things to be 'just right' so if I don't plan it I can be happy with whatever. One day I will entrust the responsiblity to a husband (well he'll be mine), but since I have yet to find one I'm glad I have good friends. :) I'm shooting for 25 to be my best birthday ever...I have 8 months to not plan!
Yay for birthdays, new friends, and good mexican food!

Sounds like a GREAT birthday. And like I said, for some reason, my brain just kept forgetting to add years to my life beyond 23. For almost 10 years, when someone asks my age, I want to say 23. It is the perfect age to be a woman I think.

Its all downhill from here.

I'm completely kidding.

Wild, you are, my dear.

What a great day!

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