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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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Congratulations to your sister - I wish her many years of wedded bliss!

Best wishes to your sister - she looks lovely in the photographs! (As do you - your dress is the same colour my sister's was when I got married and she was maid of honour :)). And I'm hoping with you that their path to children is smooth and straight.

Awww, congratulations to Rosie! The two of them look so happy together.

Our first anniversary is next weekend, and I've been thinking a lot recently about how blessed I am indeed. :-)

I eagerly await pictures of your own wedding, should you ever be inclined to put some up.

Congratulations to Rosie. She was a beautiful bride! You were a lovely matron of honor too! We would love to see pictures from your wedding.

Congratulations and best wishes to your sister and her new husband! What lovely wedding pictures. You make a very pretty matron of honour, too. :)

What beautiful pictures and a beautiful portrayal of their story! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story! I truly wish I had been as fortunate as your sisters in having a wise and loving older sister.

I am so glad to have found your blog. I am also a practicing Catholic struggling with infertility. I read many blogs that deal with infertility, but yours is the first that shows the Catholic point of view. I found your blog a few days ago from a link off of another blog, so I haven't been reading long. I look forward to getting to know you better..... Thanks for your honesty and willingness to share your journey.

Congratulations and blessings to Rosie and Anthony, and to all of you who love them. She is indeed blessed to have a sister like you.

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