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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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Cool new stuff you got yourself there. I'm totally jealous of the new iPod.

And if it makes you feel any better, I cried reading your last entry too.

Lot's of fun stuff you've gotten lately. I love to shop. I also have this thing with logic puzzels - the one's where you're given clues and a grid and you have to figure out who goes with what. I can spend HOURS doing those!

Isn't plethora a great word?


tee hee hee

Very nice! I like the shoes and bag (I'll admit I am a confirmed purse/totebag-a-holic). I know little about iPods, but the more I'm finding out, the more I want to get one. :)
And since I missed it last time around, congratulations on your degree!

What fun! And my iPod is pink too ... enjoy!

I want the bag. And I just finished reading the book for the first time. I will probably re-read it soon. I liked parts of it, and didn't care for some of it. How's that for a book review?

Your post made me cry, by the way - and say, yes, that's it. And made me want to reply, but I couldn't find the right words, so now I'll just say, your words touched me deeply.

I LOVE the bag; definitely "summery". And the pink iPod is definitely spiffy - you have a gem of a husband, to get you a present like that :).

I did read JABC about a year ago and while it had good parts I was kind of disappointed in it; it never seemed to be able to get out of first gear. (I'd be reading along and things would seem to be building to a head, and I'd think "Ah HA! NOW we're getting to a really good development" but then she would stop and switch to the POV of another character and all the momentum would be gone). But then, a lot of it depends on the kind of book you feel like reading at the moment; it seems like the kind of book that's best read by dipping into instead of going straight through, kind of like short essay collections. Anyway, I'm curious to hear what you think of it.

Hey! Your shoes are gorgeous and the ipod is very very cool! As with your other readers, your last post brought me to the brink of tears also. I've been praying for you. -x-

That iTrip got us on our trip cross-country with our sanity still intact. I love it so. Our iPod is plain white, though. Your pink one is faboo.

I don't think I congratulated you last week, so congratulations on your graduation and your new job!

Hey, I didn't realize you graduated Cum Laude! Rock on! :-)

I have a few things that are making me reasonably happy right now too: my little deck garden, a spiffy new sundress, the increasingly warm weather, our clean apartment (getting our apartment clean always makes me feel so virtuous!). I envy your iPod, primarily for the radio-listening feature. Maybe I can ask for that for Christmas...

Thank you for writing that post even though it was hard.

I agree with Tracy about the book. I wrote a little about it here (but you probably don't want to read it until after you finish).

I so want a pink IPOD. I am still waiting to get my degree, it takes 6-8 weeks. Very long weeks:) I love purses and bookstores that have that dusty, old book smell.

Congratulations sweetie!

Love the new stuff! And I'm jealous of your ipod...I got one back when they first came out and didn't come in cool colors and were bigger and bulkier. Can't really justify buying a new one just so that it can be pink. :)

I recently read JABC and, frankly, was quite disappointed. I think my expectations were simply too high. It was a fun read if you're not expecting it to be too good, I think. As I said in my review of it on my blog, I think people would be better off using their time to simply reread a favorite Austen book.

Such cool stuff! Love the bag and iPod especially ... soooo nice. You are becoming quite the fashionista! What's next? A Louis V. wallet? =)

All your acquisitions look very nice, and whether you were fishing or not, congratulations again on the last one. It is a big deal and you should be very proud.

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