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Monday, May 23, 2005


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That's awesome Elizabeth!! Congratulations on the position. Sounds like lots of fun too, going to court and hearing cases not to mention getting that experience on your resume. Have a blast!

How exciting! It's always nice when things work out like this!

Hey darling!! I'm so proud of you! I'll be praying for you at the beginning of your first day tomorrow.


I always thought that some of our deacon's sagest advice to couples was to live off of one's income and save the other's income ... which is what it sounds like you're planning to do after paying off those bills. Hard to stick to but worth it, I'd think. Good luck! :-)

Yeah for the new job!! I can't think of a better thing to save money for!

But you told him you'd need to keep plenty of time free for blogging, right? He can't keep you too busy or your legions of admiring fans will miss you too much.


Congratulations! This is wonderful news, I think. I'm so glad it worked out for you. Who knows, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Congrats! Best of luck to you.
I used to work in my uncle's law office summers in college and really enjoyed it (not enough to go into law, though ;).

Great news! I'm really glad to hear you got such a good one right out of the gate, and that it will let you put a baby fund together. Are you thinking about any specific kind of adoption yet or is it a bit early for that still?

Congratulations! It really is amazing how the Lord provides. I hope you really enjoy this job, as well as the income that comes from it.

Congratulations! The job sounds like a great fit for you. Enjoy,


Woohoo! As someone who never really did the resume/ads thing - the best jobs are the ones that come find you! Congrats!

I need a job. Why can't a cool one like that fall into *my* lap?

Congratulations! Take it from me. Law is fun! :)

Congratulations! What a great opportunity for you!

And I'll agree that the best advice anyone gave me regarding dual incomes was to live on my dh's income only and use mine for extras. I walked away without a second thought - knowing that we definitely had enough for me to stay home.

Paying off the student loans is an excellent plan (and frees up your husband's income too!).

Hope you have time to blog too once you get started.

Let us know how it's going!

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