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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


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Yay! A distraction from the kitchen-cleaning I should be doing, um, right now - but really, I'll do it today. I swear.

Goosie sounds rather...precious. On the bright side, at least she sends thank-you notes. And yes, the whole writing-from-the-kid thing is pretty nauseating - I've never had that happened, though I have occasionally gotten Christmas updates which were allegedly written by the family cat. I never got that.

For the "When I'm a mother, I'll never..." stakes, two things come to mind (besides the obvious "I'll never starve/beat/abandon the kid for three days while I do slots in Vegas stuff). They are:

1) When I am a mother, I will not play blatant favourites with my children in the annual Christmas letter. This was far worse than the cat letter, and it was a yearly phenomenon. This couple had two children, a son and a daughter; they loved the daughter (Mom had always wanted one), the son was...well, I'm sure they do love him, but it was very hard to see. Every Christmas letter consisted of a glowing report of how well Daughter was doing in her academics: Daughter joined Academic Decathlon, Daughter got into all AP classes, Daughter walked on water...well, not really. Son, meanwhile, who was decently bright himself, got to have all has screwups reported: Son was late on his applications and so didn't get into the The Best Colleges, Son got a girlfriend but she left him because she thought he was a loser, Son was fired from his summer job at Radio Shack because he hadn't noticed a shoplifter, and so on. My family got these letters for at least ten years; my mother called them "The H. Family Horrors." I will never, ever do that my kids.

2) When I am a mother - grandmother, more specifically speaking - I will not treat certain grandchildren like black sheep because their parents had to temerity to (a) get married (the horror! they should be looking after MEEE!) and move more than fifteen minutes away from me. Specifically, I will not tell them what idiotic losers their parents are, forbid them from washing their clothes on a Sunday, tell them that their parents are disloyal creeps, forbid them from reading because they're just trying to show off, tell them their parents are amoral uncaring monsters, and reproach them for being little boys instead of adorable little girls.

/bitter on husband's behalf.

My friend CurlyQ is having problems getting pregnant and she is also not too keen on babysitting either. I dont' think that people really think about that when they ask her to babysit. I know I didn't until she hit me over the head with a Vogue magazine at Starbucks when we were talking about her not babysitting for her friend.
I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I LOVE it. I am so tired of people being afraid to share their beliefs because the Catholic Church does not bend to suit the times. I am coming back to my faith. Actually I never really left but now I am trying to actually embrace my religion because I want to not because its just a routine for me. Does that make sense?
Anyhoo I am rambling so I am going to leave now:) Good Luck with the baby quest. I shall add you to my prayer list.

I get a lot of email pictures from my sister-in-law, but she's family so I guess it's okay. She was the one who told me they were pg (they weren't even trying) by sending me an E-CARD. Which I opened at work, where I have broadband, rather than waiting to open it at home via poky dial-up. THAT was a great day. She's actually my stepbrother's wife, and I barely know her, but rather than have my dad break the news, they wanted to "tell me themselves". Yeah. In an E-CARD. My nephew's first birthday was last month and I'm STILL mad.

Imagine if you had told Goosie about your IF - she'd probably be gushing all over you all the time. Ick.

Good luck on the thesis - my master's thesis wasn't too bad but the last month I was writing my dissertation was absolutely miserable. Hang in there!

I must admit, for my mother's first birthday after my daughter was born (my first child and her first grandchild), I was guilty of of giving my her both a sweatshirt *and a mousepad with the baby's picture on it. My aunt, who was there at the party, jokingly said, "Oh! The cake has the baby's picture on it, too!" (It didn't). I'm proud to say that I have since recovered from that sort of behavior. :)
That being said, I do think Goosie is way over the top re the number of pictures & cards sent since you're not family. I don't even send that many of my 3 to my sister, who is a doting auntie! I haven't ever known anyone like this, so I don't have the slightest idea of what the motivation is behind this sort of thing.
And on a final note, I, too, don't get the notes written from the baby's "perspective." Never have, and never will.

Um, yeah. My niece, who is eight months old today, has her own email address and sends us pictures with commentary. I think it's cute! I have to admit, though, that if it wasn't family, I would probably barf. My husband does find it weird. Maybe Goosie just wants to share because SHE likes pictures of babies? I love getting pictures of other people's babies, but mostly of babies that belong to friends or relatives, not slight acquaintances. Although, I have to say, it seems like Goosie is just kind of clueless. I think, like you said, you just need to look at it as an opportunity to get a good chuckle out of her weird obsession with holidays. Please tell me she is not dressing the child up in cutesy outfits for each holiday.

Oh, she totally is dressing the child up in cutesy outfits for each holiday. For Halloween, the poor baby (who was not yet two months old) was dressed up as Eeyore. The father had to wear a Pooh costume, and Goosie sent out pictures of him and the baby, without telling him that she was doing it. For Easter we got a picture (obviously posed) of the child sitting in a basket filled with plastic Easter eggs. Insanity.

The pictures are cool if you are family and that's it. Other than that maybe on Christmas if you are very close friends, but otherwise, NO!

And the notes from the baby? Those have to stop.

She sent out photos of the father-as-Pooh without telling him? That's just not right.

Isn't Goosie the one who got pregnant accidentally and was complaining about how the baby hampered her? She'd probably have a lot more free time if she wasn't constantly arranging for seasonal photo shoots :).

Um, e-mailed, and to family members, that many photos is appropriate. Mailed, to non-family that hasn't requested them? Over the top. And don't even get me started on the letters written from baby's perspective. Ack.

I've commented on this Goosie situation before. She sounds too weird. Pathetic in a way. I guess the best you can do is feel sorry for her... obviously bashing her over the head would be the only way she'd "get it." And that's probably not a good idea.

What I really wanted to ask about was your thoughts on women in the priesthood? I noticed the book on the table. I assume it has to do with your thesis. Would YOU like to join the priesthood? Are you hoping one day polices will change? I, too, am Catholic and I'm not sure what my thoughts are about that. I don't know enough yet. Please educate me.

P.S. I don't even send pics to the grandparents (too lazy) let alone near strangers.

Delurking to share another instance of the too cute.
One of my very best friends unfortunately does the whole 'notes as written by child' thing. As you can probably tell, I'm not to fond of it either. The latest one was an invitation from their 2 year old to their 4 month old babies christening. Gah!

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