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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


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Ohmigosh, I so could've written the EXACT same thing (sans the getting married early part). I simply could NOT make myself write a paper unless it was due the next morning...this Problem only got worse the longer I was in school. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there. The funniest part is that people who don't know me well THINK I'm a good student because I got good grades. Nope...I'm a horrible student, simply good at coming up with the answers the profs want to hear. It's a good thing I graduated when I did, because I honestly don't think my procrastination could have gotten any worse without my grades plummeting. Good luck with your papers! Knowing our type, you'll pull it off just in the nick of time. :)

LOL, in this respect we differ: I'm one of these people who tries to get their assignments written and done relatively early, so I don't have to panic under the pressure of an imminent deadline. And "panic" is the correct word -- I can't do any good creative work under intense pressure, or at least I can't do it consistently. I would generally wait until several days before a paper was due to tackle it, which involved a slight sense of pressure, but not much.

The irony is, I had a very bright friend in college who procrastinated the way you do, and she could produce works of utter genius in tiny fractions of the time that I would produce pedestrian papers. I loved her, but it was annoying beyond words. ;-)

Wow - that was me, back in the late '80s. Only I would cut it even closer - I once wrote a two page paper in less than an hour before it was due. Usually they were very very good, though I had one spectacularly bad paper - I got a D because I was too rushed to change the awful font the computer user before me had set, and my prof found it so hard to read that he slammed it by default!

Nowadays I'm more of a think-ahead person. I guess because what I do/don't do affects more than just moi (even if it is just laundry or lunches!) I guess I like that I'm more responsible about things, but I sort of miss the old me that fearlessly and recklessly slapped things together while having a good time!

So - keep it up! And - if you are like I was - you really aren't actually wasting are internally writing that paper the whole time....and just saving the typing for last!
:) Hoo

Hi! I've been following your journal for a few months now and I just had to come out of lurk-mode in honor of this post. I am currently a sophomore in college and still going strong despite my Problem. Last semester I had a grand total of 18 hours plus several extra-curricular obligations and somehow I ended up with my best GPA so far. Is that not crazy? Anyhow, I really enjoy reading your journal.

Wow. Impressive. I could never do that. I was always the one who was mostly finished when everyone else was starting. Unfortunately for me, it was not because I was an anal student, I just wasn't smart enough to be able to throw together an "A" paper in a few hours. Lucky you! And just remember, this is the LAST time you will have to do this. YAY!

For me it always depended on where in the semester we were. The further along we were, the later my papers were started in relation to when they were due :).

LOL- I was never quite as bad as that (1 hour a page- wow!), but I definitely can relate to the Procrastination Problem. All-nighters were common for me then Even now, in the work world, I still work like this.

And I have secret for you- I found grad school easier than undergrad. (And without trying to brag, it was an ivy league grad school.) The reason: you don't have to take all those dumb requirements like a language, science, and all the other things I hated about undergrad. I went to grad school in a subject I loved, got to learn from national experts, and got to fill my schedule with great classes. So when I finally sat down to write, the words just flowed because it was really fascinating to me.

My favorite quote of all time....from Augustine: "Knowledge for its own sake has little value....however, the true significance of knowledge lay in its use as a tool for the comprehension of God's will."

Perhaps Augustine too had this Policy :)

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