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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


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So happy for you that you found the kind of man you did. We should count ourselves among the luckiest women in the world.

Oh I can just imagine the type of father he will be. It will amaze you the amount of love, strength and bonding you two will have once your child gets into your arms.

Enjoy the princess pampering while you can. Soak it up! What a great husband. Once a baby joins your family (which I truly believe it will), neither of you will have time to pamper anyone but him or her.

Loving your blog!

Sounds like you've picked a great guy to have babies with. It will be especially nice to have someone to take care of you when you will be consumed with caring for your children. Trust me--this kind of thoughtfulness is invaluable and goes a long way towards making a rich marriage.

Please excuse my poor spelling. :)

He sounds rather like A. to me - always a good thing. I've never quite gotten what it is about me that prompts this from him. But, like you, I'm incredibly grateful for it (and yes, I have told him :)).

Well, for not trying to make me jealous, you've done a good job! :) You're very blessed, indeed, to have such a loving husband. I'm glad you appreciate it!

You are so blessed to have such a lovely husband! I'm sure God has great plans in store for you both.

Pray to St. Gianna for your future children; she was a wife, mother & martyr and always helps with family issues.

God Bless

Your post has really inspired me. No, it did not inspire me to have my husband read this post so he could be more like your Michael, although the thought did pass through my head! :) Actually, it inspired me to be like your husband to my husband. I am certainly the more selfish out of the two of us. It is something I get inspired to work on every so often, but then the feeling leaves and I am back on the couch asking my dear hubby to "get this" or "get that" or "do this or that" for me....please?

Sometimes he gets in a selfish mood as well, and it is almost like we are competing for who can get what out of each other! And is really should be the other way around. We should be competing to serve each other and love each other. "No, let ME do that for you!", "No, really, I will!" "No, YOU sleep in, I'll get the kids their cereal!" "No, please, let ME change that baby's poopy pamper!"

Give your Michael a big thank you from this selfish wife. And thank you for your gratitude, because without it there wouldn't have been this post.

I am lucky enough to be married to a guy like Michael as well. I suspect, though, that Michael would say he is the lucky one. And as long as you both feel that way, you both will be the lucky ones.

As far as sins and faults go, I have this vision of the Seven Deadlies as horses that run a daily race in my life. Pride and Envy usually compete for first place. Lust usually comes in dead last, the nag.

It's pretty awesome to have a good husband. Congratulations on such a fine pick.

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