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Friday, February 11, 2005


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Excellent! (And I say this wholeheartedly because ovulatory problems are a misery that will make you *long* for a sore left arm). Are you going to get an SA done soon?

Oh honey. You ARE me ten years ago. No, I mean it. I will make you a bet right now. Five cents. (That's what we do in our family - five cent bets.) Here is the bet - having to do with your blood pressure. I will bet you five cents that what you have, my dear, isn't so much high blood pressure per se, but what they call "white coat hypertension." It is a by-product of the anxiety disorder carried by your mom and, unfortunately, passed on to you. The exact same thing I had. You happened to be stressed out the day you went to the Dr. and so you had an elevated BP level. And now, every time you go back, you are naturally stressed and concerned that the same thing will happen (b/c of the anxiety disorder) and so your blood pressure naturally elevates. Go to the drugstore and sit in front of one of those BP machines for several minutes, re-taking your BP. Here is where the five cent bet comes in. By the second time you do it, your BP will be normal, if not below normal. It is the da*n anxiety thing.

Good luck with your doc. I am so glad you found a doc who is NAPRO compliant. Please let us know what happens.

Good news, gurl. Glad to hear it.

So glad to hear that you hormone levels are normal - that rules out a lot of scary stuff. Hope the rest of the testing will clarify the remaining possibilities and give you an action plan.

I'll make my own prediction. Years down the road I'll run into you and we'll both be surrounded by a crowd of kids - and it won't make a difference that my oldest will be older than yours.

That's great news.

Good to hear that your bloodwork came back as beautiful! I've been following your story for awhile, so I'm de-lurking to say I'm glad to hear the good news.

I'm sure you already know about how helpful NFP can be to determining your fertile phase and helping to achieve pregnancy. But sometimes you just have to relax. Great to hear that the cycle is good. I'm saying a prayer for you!!

Holy cow, you have just described ME! Last fall, 2 months after getting married, I suffered an apparently random panic attack, and ever since then I've been mildly plagued by anxiety. I've always had hypochondriac tendencies, and that makes it worse. I never know what'll set me off, but waiting rooms and doctors' offices do it to me now, even when it's a completely routine eye exam. The ony plus side is that now that I know my anxiety for what it is, I can mostly defuse it when it happens. I hope I'm not like this forever, and if I am, I hope I don't pass it on to my (hopefully) future children! Glad to hear about your test results - it is a good thing! The more problems you rule out, the fewer problems there will be to treat. :-)

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