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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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Nice to see sibs who get along so well...and I WANT TO GO TO HER SCHOOL!! V. nice...did not show my son, though..I dont want him getting any

What a sweet story. I find so often that people argue with their siblings without really appreciating the value of the sibling relationship. There is no one else who understands your background, your family, your role in life, quite like a sibling. Even when you don't always see eye to eye or have a lot in common, there is such value in that bond.

Really cool pictures! I can totally identify... I'm very close to my sister as well!

I could have sworn you went to Gonzaga. Harumph!

You too are so gorgeous!

Nice! I like your pictures :). I haven't had quite the same "sister" experience - I'm the eldest of five, but the only other girl is nine years younger than me and that made for a bit of a disconnect in the sense that we weren't going through the same things at even close to the same time. My first brother, though, was born when I had just turned two and was the occasion of my first word - "Baby". He still insists that if it hadn't been for him, I would never have learned to talk. Heh.

My sister and I are ten years apart, so we've never been that close. And we are SO different it's hard to imagine we came from the same planet, much less the same parents.

But it is a source of never-ending joy for me that my siblings are growing up. I love watching the generations shift right in front of me.

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