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Saturday, February 26, 2005


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This is such a beautiful story! I sincerely hope you guys stay friends forever! : )


I have a similar story, but without the lovely ending. Drifting apart from this dear friend nearly broke my heart, and its still hard to explain how much this person meant to me, even though we had such different world-views. I pray for him often, especially when I'm at mass.

It takes a lot of maturity to maintain a male=female friendship once the words, "I love you" are out in the open. Kudos.


Aww. What a beautiful post. It is strange how relationships change after marriage. I had a similar best-friend, Guido, who was always there for me during high school. We actually had a falling-out our senior year and only recently (ten years later!) got back in touch.

I just reconnected after a nearly 30 break with the guy I dated in the 9th grade. Love your story, and I will add Ben to my prayer list.
Also glad to hear that your hormone levels seemed to be OK - I assume that you used NFP rather than calendar rhythm to determine what day to draw them? There are so many things that can interfere with conception it is truly a miracle that so many of us concieve at all!

It's odd, isn't it, how some of the best friendships can grow out of dramatically different worldviews? It continues to amaze me that one of my most reliable, honest, trustworthy, consistently loyal and (within the bounds of propriety) affectionate friends is an atheist (while I'm a serious Catholic). He and I have had wonderful discussions in the past, exploring each other's points of view with respect and curiosity. I knew as soon as I met him that I was going to like this man, and I was right. Romance never blossomed, probably due to mutual realization that our worldviews were too radically far apart to support a relationship, and 4 years later we're still fast friends. I haven't known him very long in the grand scheme of friendships, but I fully expect to be friends with him for the rest of my life.

What a very beautiful friendship. What Ben may not realize is that even though he may not believe in God, your genuine love for him is God's love shining through you to him. It is kind of like when you two were 13 years old and you had your crush on him and he didn't realize it. If he just opens his eyes a little more to see the reality of what you are giving him, then I am sure he would have no doubt in his mind that a loving God truly exists.

that is so sweet! it sounds like, also, that michael is confident in your love for him or you would not be able to write so strongly and eloquently about ben.

I had a friend JUST LIKE THIS, long hair and all, attended my wedding in a suit and tennis shoes, and he was truly the best friend I have ever had. Sadly, once I married, we never really spoke the same way again, and shortly, lost touch completely. I know where he is, and vice versa, as we are both in touch with mutual friends. He has not married, and I have been married 13 years. Thank you for this lovely post, for helping me remember some of the most secure times of my life.

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