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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


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If the OPK is detecting LH in your bloodstream all the time, it's possible you have elevated LH, which is one of the symptoms of PCOS. If that's the case, ask your doctor--you may want to get on Metformin. I've had lots of friends have tremendous success conceiving right after they started Metformin.

Good luck!

I have PCOS, and while it was discovered after I had a hysterectomy due to severe fibroids, I have done tons of reading/research on the syndrome. It is a silent fertility killer - definitely something to look into. and are two good sites.

I haven't done Metformin, but when I was diagnosed with PCOS they started me on Clomid right away. Word of warning; Clomid can have the nasty side effect of drying up the cervical mucus (uh, yeah, that's really handy). I'd push hard for either estrogen supplementation or a Clomid IUI to bypass the issue, if you can.

I also have PCOS and tried to conceive naturally for 3 years after already having a son without problems in '97. I stopped ovulating and I had irregular periods forever. Everyone has slightly different symptoms.

I took Clomid for two months under my doctor's direction and conceived the second month, I am 24 weeks along . Try the clomid, it INCREASED my CM. I agree with the elevated LH levels, getting bloodwork done at various times during your cycle help, the 21 day progesterone test helps to detect if you had a VIABLE ovulation or sono during the time that you are detecting an LH peak. Also check with the Pope Paul VI Institute, they are on the the net and have helped lots of people to conceive within Catholic guidlines. Most larger metro areas have a doctor that has studied the NaPro technology and can help.

God Bless,
Lisa M in TX

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