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Monday, December 06, 2004


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Isn't it odd, that we were once so naive. So innocent in assuming that it would be so easy for us to get pg. People do it every day, people far less deserving and yet we struggle. It's not fair that we lost that innocence... we became tainted, jaded with the looming fact that we may never become mothers...but you will Elizabeth.

I fervently hope that you have no more Christmases where you will say to yourself "maybe next year..." But if you do ... you'll get through it. You have so much grace.

I know this entry is three years and four months old, but I'm going back and reading your archives now, so -- I wanted to say that I, too, try to get my crying done when I'm alone in the car. My car is my alone space, and I've spent long stretches of time sobbing in the corner of a parking lot until I've cried myself out. Then I select the playlist of Bill Cosby on my iPod, connect it to the stereo, and drive on again.

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