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Thursday, October 07, 2004


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There is a lovely community of woman.. Atleast they know aot about NFP. I myself use it and have 5 children.I used shettles to figure out the last one.. I know that drinking milk and some other types of foods increase cervical fluid. I know that late temp rise is a sign of something else.. It happened to me with the last baby. I was nursing 2 1/2 year old and only had one day of good CF. I thaught I was having a girl bered it was an early day for CF. Turns out it was just one day of CCF on the day I ovulated and therefore a boy.. However my temp didnt go up till 5 or 6 days later.. When in doubt go with the CF. Ive been doing this so long I dont need a thermometer any more. I can feel my skin get hotter.. I am 28 and my kids are 10-G, 8-B, 5-G, 3-B and 1-b.. Good luck and feel free to click that email if ya need..

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