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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


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I am one of those who came here from the Dawn Patrol, and it's been nice meeting you.

Me too.

Hey, like the blog. God bless. You're in my prayers.

I also hopped over from Dawn's site, and wanted to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogs! I'm on the road to Catholic conversion (and orthodox Catholicism, much like you describe in your About section) and my husband and I are not able to have children naturally due to health problems I had four years ago. We are hoping to start adopting as many children as our finances allow, likely starting next year. We recently helped out with our parish's marriage prep course, and NFP was a big part of that. Big round of applause for you and your husband - I pray for success for you. I'll add you to my blogroll so I remember to come back and visit from time to time; take care!

We dealt with our secondary IF, *trying* to do it God's way....just wanted to share and encourage you to keep it up!
Prayers and HUGS!

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