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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


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Hi Elizabeth... really enjoyed your first few posts. And I was so glad to see the "Sleep Sound in Jesus" on your listening list. A friend gave it to me when our two children were born. It's always been a favorite. :) In my prayers,

My son was reading over my shoulder and said, "Hitting men with a rock?! What kind of crazy person would do that?"

Nice to see your blog here -- looking forward to reading more.

I encountered this post while reading back through the archives so this comment may go out into the wide web and be lost in obscurity but, while I have been tempted to comment on a number of other posts, this one was too good to pass up. Since I was old enough to understand the significance of a wedding band, I have looked at other people's hand to see what they are wearing. Usually just because I like beautiful things and speculating about their relationships but also on occasion to see if they are officially unavailable. Now that I am married, the latter reason no longer applies but the former remains with even greater interest. My husband assures me that men do not do this with any kind of regularity. Occasionally the more prudent ones will check if they are about to ask the girl out but otherwise not. And sometimes flashing the ring doesn't make any difference anyway. As I was riding the bus to work as usual one day, a man of about my own age sat next to me and proceeded to regale me with a grand tale of his drunken revelry of the previous day and subsequent hangover. After he made several attempts to draw me into conversation, I made the mistake of responding with a bitingly sarcastic remark. The rest of the bus ride consisted of these ingratiating comments and increasingly sharp sarcasm. It began to dawn on me that he was becoming far too interested in his seat partner, so I gradually moved my hands to clearly display my wedding ring in hopes that the evidence of unavailability and my rude remarks would encourage him to leave me alone. Alas, vain hope. As we pulled into town, he had the audacity to say, "Well, married woman, would you have coffee with me?" Fortunately, my stop is the first one so all I had to do was say no and get off. Maybe I should have hit him in the head with my rock--but I don't think that it would have helped.

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