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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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Oh, I think it is cruel to schedule kid surgeries so late. Ours was scheduled for 7 a.m. Which meant we were up at the crack of dawn, but it also meant that even with delays, we were in surgery before she even realized she was overly hungry/thirsty.

Recovery is just hard. I remember thinking, "This is the stupidest thing we've ever done." We were dealing with a child in pain for much whining and crying. But then, like magic, it just got better one day (day 11 for us) and then we had that moment where we realized that we could no longer hear her breathing/snoring from across the house, and we knew it was important. The number of colds and sinus infections and nighttime wake-ups over the past 1.5 years since surgery have been SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. I hope you enjoy this winter, which is bound to be easier for you than last!!

I love how Linus is lounging in that picture, cool as a cucumber.

I hope they continue to improve and the surgery was really, really, SUPER worth it. I teared up more than once reading this thinking about you not being able to pick up your babies right away and oh man, I'm so glad you guys made it through in relativley short order and got home and are all mended up. You are so strong for your kids, Arwen, I'm just in awe of you sometimes. Of course you do what you have to, but still. You do it with such grace, finding it in you to pray for others around you on a night your kids were also struggling.

So happy everything went well for them!

WOW. You need a huge freaking medal for doing DOUBLE TODDLER SURGERY and surviving. Amazing! I'm so glad they both rebounded so quickly and that it seems to be helping already. I hope your days of cough-barfs are behind you :)

I am so glad you're able to give us all the details -- I didn't want to ask too many questions but I was very curious! One of my aunts is a PICU nurse (actually, the charge one) and my mom is an OR nurse so I do like knowing how things have gone. I'm excited that they will now get to breathe much more easily.

Oh wow, two simultaneous tonsillectomies? With toddlers? That is incredibly rough, even if they're sucking down 20 popsicles a day. We had Daniel's done when he was 5, also for sleep apnea, and that was hard enough to deal with -- the poor kid just wanted to feel better so much (and I'm also one of those parents who stresses out over the 1 in 100,000 chance of anesthesia complications or whatever it is) But it really makes a huge difference afterwards to their sleep quality, and -- while this probably isn't relevant to A&L yet -- it helps a lot with night training, since sleep apnea means a lot of body signal confusion and thus a lot of wetting the bed.

On a side note, Camilla is enormous! And they all look gorgeous and happily pain-free :).

Here's to healthier guys and a (hopefully) less awful sick season this year!! You are such a good mom and such a strong woman!

I got only one thing to say really make a great mom !!! God bless you :) ....Thanks for sharing you experience here :)

I love how in every picture you identify which twin is which. It's like a glimpse inside your head, where you're always sorting them.
This story sounded completely traumatic, and I wish I could make you a cup of tea. Well weathered, dear.

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