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Sunday, July 28, 2013


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This is my favorite thing you have ever written. I have tears in my eyes. I needed to see this today, my friend.

Well alright, give me a minute to do my ugly cry, Arwen. That was beautiful. What you said about Miriel, her being able to be alone and strong on her own, but not being complete without John. That really hits home. It's the way I feel about my marriage to Steve. I wasn't complete until I had him on my team. You made it sound much more elegant. Everyone has asked if it feels different now that we are married since we were together for so long already (5 1/2 years) and weren't we just making it official, etc. But yeah, it does feel different. I won't ever be alone. I have a permanent member of my team, our team. I have a team now. It's just an overwhelming feeling, in a good way. I'm one of the lucky ones. You, you're one of the REALLY lucky ones. What you and Bryan have is something many people (including me) only hope we can have one day. You're the best.

I love it. Thank you for writing.

Wow. I am actually crying reading this post. You are a hero girl. I think that I am overwhelmed in my everyday tasks too, but seeing what you've gone through and what you have endured, makes me realize more and more what I am blessed to have. You truly are beautiful inside and out. Always have been, always will be :) Keep rockin' it girl!!!

I love when you write anything but THIS, this is truly wonderful. Thank you for writing down your glimpses of the bigger truth, the love that overwhelms us and covers us even in our messy lives.

Just beautiful Arwen. I love every word.

So beautiful! So, so beautiful. I wrote down several quotes from this post. You know, after I dried my eyes. This has been my experience with marriage, too, after getting married at 19 and 21 also (though I was the older). We weren't ready. We didn't know much. And only by the grace of God have we made it this far and through everything in the past ten years. We've often talked about how we would do things differently if we had it to do over. But I like this quote best: "But I can't wish that it had been different, that we had been different, because there would be no now without then." Perfect, Arwen. Thank you.

Arwen!! Thank you! I am starting to figure this out too in a deep down way just this summer. This reflection is so very real and beautiful and true.

Arwen...I don't consider myself an overly religious person, instead being content in my belief that there is a higher power, and that's enough. However...your post made me sob cry, and make me wonder if there's something I'm missing. Thank you. This is beautiful.

Arwen, this is beautiful and true. And oh I'm so there-- right there with you-- with the four year old boy kicking me and the two year old falling off the pew and hitting his head and the five year old kicking the four year old and the seven year old almost knocking me over when she leans into me. And the baby so sound asleep in my arms that I can't deal with any other child.... it's messy and full of love and all I could say when the missionary priest asked if we were going to have more was, if God wills it. And I realized it would be a great gift if he did indeed because though I feel totally unqualified and unprepared and the very idea sends me into a panic, I know that every one of them made me feel the same way and that every one has brought me more joy than I could have imagined.

Arwen, that was beautiful. Thank you for being so vulnerable, so open with your thoughts, with your journey in life. You write so well, definitely a gift from Him. I have been married just over a year and expecting my first child any day now. I loved being reminded that He loves us right where we're at and that marriage isn't a fairytale romance; we have to work at it and through grace, He allows it to be something greater and deeper. Loved your insights. On a side-note, I'm an identical twin, and my mom always said that we were "double trouble" growing up, but we've been a double blessing grown up:) God Bless you.

Wow, Arwen. Thank you.


I am not exactly sure what to say Arwen but felt the need to say SOMETHING.

Your honesty and faith are so beautiful to me and truly inspiring. I've been struggling. Hard. Mostly alone. Seeking peace and calm. Just struggling. Words like these somehow help. They touch me where I didn't realize I needed comfort, in ways I can't quite articulate.

I am spiritual but don't consider myself Christian and yet I am so, so struck by your words. Your heart. Faith. Thank you Arwen. I wish I were more eloquent but I suspect I am still processing these feelings. Thank you.

This kind of writing comes from a place in you that is extraordinary--thank you for sharing. It's beautiful.

This is beautiful and I love it, and you, so much. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. You're an amazing person.

Just gorgeous writing, Arwen. So grateful that you share your faith and wisdom this way. It's such a gift! XO

Everyone needs to read this. I don't have four kids or twins but I have a demanding job and a toddler and a baby on the way and I feel broken every single day. It's easy to lose sight of grace.

Arwen, thank you for writing that. I needed to hear it, and I am so thankful for the way you are honest and real about your faith. It pushes me to grow and to be honest and real about mine. Many blessings to you, my friend.

Beautiful, just beautiful!

I still remember when I had one child (he's 15 now). I was talking to a priest telling him that I didn't expect "life" to be so hard with one baby--the distractions, never being able to focus on Mass like I used to, etc. I'll never forget what he told me--maybe, just maybe, life is not supposed to be "easy"....I never thought of that! I think it was my first true vision of the Cross--but it wasn't what I expected it to be. But then, it probably never is, is it?

Isn't it great, the many things you learn, just by living life? I look at myself and my husband, and see how we have grown and changed over these last 16 years of this journey together. And I wouldn't have it any other way--the good times, the hard times (and yes, life with twins is definitely in the hard category!), and the rare glimpse of grace when you just feel perfect together. What a journey!

Thanks again for writing this!

Beautiful and poignant as always, Arwen. Many prayers for you and your family today as you face the trial of watching TWO children go through surgery today. Routine surgery is still surgery and it is hard to watch your babies suffer in any way. Praying for graces and swift healing!

Beautiful and very true. Thank you for putting words to so many of my own errant thoughts.

This is so beautiful.

And I feel like I've been watching Miriel thrive alone, but knowing something was always missing. I'm glad that's she's found the rest of her life.

This is so beautiful, Arwen. Thank you for sharing, both your questions and your grace.

Thank-you! This was beautiful and so spot on for the stage in life I'm in. Maybe one day I will be able to get the boys and I to daily mass. Thanks again for your honesty and encouragement.

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