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Friday, March 22, 2013


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wow! I am so jealous about the getaway...we have never had one- and the oldest is almost 14...grandparents are 900 miles and 10,000 miles away :(

We have a 4-day trip planned in May (it appears I'm heading back to NOLA!) and it can't get here fast enough. Our parents are sharing duties, and I'm paying my mother to be off work for this. I think it's necessary.

We're having a date night tonight and I need it very much.

We're trying to figure out how to go away on a short trip for our anniversary this year (a big one - 25!). We know where we want to go, how long, etc, but child care is always the big problem. We'll figure it out eventually, and we WILL get away at some point this summer!

We have been having a round robin of colds and fevers here which has resulted in more snot than I thought three small human beings could produce.

It snowed here today for the first time all winter -- or rather, I should say, the first time this spring!

We are also going out of town in May for a few days -- the catch is that it's to an event which is "creative black tie." How on earth do I live up to that instruction when I have a hard enough time finding non-creative jeans that fit?

And if my life is such that I'm actually worried about how to dress for a black tie event, I should really stop complaining now!

Winters do get better, I promise! I remember those days when everyone was always sick...but now that my youngest is 6, we have had a remarkably easy winter and I am so aware that it didn't used to be this way!

We are going to FL for spring break in one week (and a day) and I can't wait to see the ocean and see the kids in the waves--it's always too cold for me, but they love it!

Have a great get-away and please write more often! :)

We have had such a sick winter here too, though not as bad as yours, and I cannot wait for spring. We had one lovely week and then winter came back and I am currently glaring out the window in annoyance at the weather.

Here the winter is still with us! We had maybe 3 days of sun and a glimpse of spring, but that was followed by another 8 inches of snow. I can't take it anymore. Yes, a getaway would be welcome right now.

The winter has been long and never ending in many parts of the world. Even here in Italy (where most people have an idea of a country full of sunshine) it seemed to be lasting forever. It has only been since last saturday (13/04) we started to appreciate a real spring ray of sunshine. And it's so PPLLLEASANT that I am all thrilled!! Long life to the springtime, one of the nicest season's of the year!!! :D

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