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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Oh HONEY. So terribly sorry. I will pray that he sleeps tonight!!

I am addicted to coffee.

I am far more scared of giving that up than wine.

This is in the same vein as my if-my--kid-is-born-with-a-peanut-allergy-I'd-sooner-get-rid-of-the-kid-than-my-peanut-butter policy.

Hehe. :)

Oh Arwen! I've been there. It is a dark irony; it is. Hang in there! If he sleeps better because of it, just think! You won't need the caffeine as much (though you'll still want it). Saying a prayer for you right now that giving up that lame little amount of caffeine will make a difference.

You are a great mama!!

I hear ya! I had a root beer with dinner last night and The Boy thought night time was party time and that sleep was for suckers. Root beer!! Yeesh.

Those headaches are killer. A few things I've found that helps (your mileage may vary):
My Dr recommends acetaminophen 2 h after the ibuprofen, then ibuprofen 2 h after that for any kind of pain. Also, don't mess around with small doses - 1000 mg for acetaminophen and 400 mg for ibuprofen. FWIW, I have had some success with this approach to "break up" the pain.

I've had better luck with an extra dose of B vitamins (in conjunction with acetaminophen/ibuprofen). I have the Swiss Herbal ones at home right now (High Potency B Complex or something). A warning though - it'll turn your pee bright yellow and your breastmilk with have a little bit of a yellow tinge, too.

The most sure fire remedy is the most difficult to accomplish...Take a nap.

Good luck!

Since I am expressing and feeding (not feeding 'straight from the tap'), I have not found that Teddy is sensitive to any caffeine I consume. I should note, though, that he has had some periods of wakefulness over the past few days.

I reviewed my copy of the much loved "The Wonder Weeks" and noted that the stormiest period prior to the 46 weeks leap is at 44 weeks. Which Teddy hit yesterday (and Blaise on Monday). For T., it means reduced appetite and night waking. I wonder if that is contributing to Blaise's situation?

Praying for you!

I'm caffeine hyper-sensitive too. Similar baby sleep issues. I think even chocolate consumption may affect him (NOOOO say it isn't so!!!!)But at least I don't get the caffeine headaches anymore since I so rarely indulge that I no longer go through withdrawal. Prayers for you and Blaise.

Oh dear. Those headaches are horrible. And being awake at night is horrible. And basically I have NO HELP to offer, but you have my most sincere sympathies.

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