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Monday, September 14, 2009


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I just found that article, but it IS in Dutch.. or something. Actually, nevermind. The link doesn't work anymore!

Maya took a bottle when she was really little, but we never really kept her "in practice." So, she never really took one when I needed her to. Oh well. And I second you on the not stressing about the solids thing. We didn't even try till she was 7 or 8 months, and it wasn't until around 10 months that she started eating anything of note.

Those pics are so cute! I love chunky babies.

Actually, this is a better link:

In English:

Wonderful! Thanks, ladies!

I did notice your family's names creeping in slowly. I almost warned you because I thought you were doing it by accident, but I figured since Miriel was out there, maybe it wasn't an accident.

Elizabeth won't drink from a bottle either. But she will drink from a cup with a straw, so I am hoping if I have to be away, she could drink milk that way. I haven't tried it yet, she only does water from a cup right now.

We did the same child led solids. It worked beautifully.

You're not supposed to give kids the raw sushi? Oops! The raw salmon is my toddler's favorite. I live in Vancouver, though, where most of my elementary students have sushi as their favorite food and on hockey night you better order way in advance to get sushi for your hockey party. We're serious about our sushi over here :)

Blaise really is a big ol' chunk of adorable, isn't he? I need to "videochat you" this week to see more of him and of Camilla!!

Everything I read said that though they don't nutritionally NEED other food their first year, that six months of age was a very compliant time and it was a good point at which to introduce a spoon and solids (though obviously purees). The thinking was that if you waited until 10-12 months, they might be more resistant and have oral aversion issues.

I have my own thoughts, though, which is that barring some sensory issue that needs its own fix, they want to emulate the family in eating and they will invariably like something they are offered enough to want to keep eating it.

But I am going to read that article because it's a very intriguing concept. Blaise looks amazing and how wonderful that your sister gets to spend some time with the kids while they're little; it is going to make for a special bond that is worth so much!

I love your sister's name - can you type it out phonetically for me? So pretty.

On the bottle thing - if you want to try switching to a sippy/sports bottle type sometimes that helps. He might take that over a regular bottle? My daughter took bottles easily when she was very young, but then I didn't end up having to go back to work and exclusively BF for months and then she didn't want a bottle at all and so we tried that instead when we needed a bottle.

Cute, cute, cute. Camilla is looking like such a little girl now!

My second daughter would have nothing to do with a bottle either and graduated from nursing right to a cup. Oddly enough, however, when she was three and long since weaned, she saw a baby with bottle and announced that she wanted one. She was very adamant about it too.

We use take and toss sippy's for our 6mo (and did for our first as well) because of bottle hatred.

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