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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Preach it, sister! I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. And I don't even LIKE math.

Go, Arwen! I LOVE math (really - I taught high school math before our kids were born) and love the way you used it to point out how ridiculous those 10 months folks are being!

Yeah, that has been driving me crazy too. I had to point that out to my husband at the beginning because he wanted to say three months at twelve weeks, but he realized that quickly.

I agree!! One of my biggest pregnancy pet peeves!!

Oh my gosh that was a lot of math but I TOTALLY AGREE! Especially since I was ACTUALLY pregnant for 10 months (the baby was 11 days LATE) and so I like to brag that I belong in the Guiness book.

Ha! I agree, and I'm always baffled by the looks when people say they are 18 weeks pregnant or 25 weeks pregnant and I ask them if that is based on a 38-week calendar or a 40-week calendar. Most people have no idea what I'm talking about. But hey, it makes a huge difference when I'm calculating their due date in my head!

This is so funny. I'm a stickler on this one too. In fact, I'm still feeling bad about nearly biting off the head of one of my sisters-in-law the last time I saw her when she trotted out the "ten month" thing. I'm not sure why it bugs me so much, other than that it's just WRONG, and I'm LIKE that. (I'm at 34 weeks now on child #2, and it suddenly occurs to me that it may also bother me because I don't understand that some might find comfort in a belief that they're suffering through ten, rather than nine, months. I really enjoy being pregnant, and it didn't bother me in the least that #1 was 11 days late.)

Thank you! Big pet peeve here too. 4 weeks just doesn't equal one month, folks. Even if you average 10 days overdue like me.

I could never figure out what week I was on. Was it 34 or 35? Do you round up or round down? I always rounded down, but I know others round up. Since I had when I got pregnant, I just used the weeks the doctor gave me though... which was 40 week-based.

You're so funny, Arwen. I remember you ranting about this some time ago. It definitely drives me nuts too (math degree here!). Sure, if we had 13 FEBRURARIES in the year, I suppose pregnancy would be 10 months long. But we don't. So "nyah" is all I have to say to these people.

A lurker here, just wanting to say THANKS for the math! I always think it's rediculous too when someone claims pregnancy is 10 months long! Sheesh!

Hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog list. I really enjoy reading your posts here & at Faith & Family Live! Take care!

That's hilarious. Why would someone even try to claim that it's 10 months long? Were it in the context of a conversation about how miserable she was during her pregnancy, or how hard it is, I'd pop her in the nose. (Okay, not really. But I'd think mean thoughts about her.)

Um, my husband was 28 days late when he was born. And over 10 pounds. :)

You may have ranted about it before, but repeating yourself is one of the main parts of parenthood, right? Get the ranty bits out here!
Oh, and I am terrible at math, but even I know how many days there are in a month and thus, how many months in a pregnancy.

Very impressive, with the math. I agree, although I always countered the "ten months long" argument by saying "sure, but the first month hardly counts. Two weeks of NOT pregnant, two more weeks before you can even pee on a stick. Let's not stretch an already impressive truth, shall we?"
Of course, by my calculations (decidedly emotion-based), pregnancy is either "GOOD LORD TOO FAST" or "One solid eon of slogging toward delivery."

That's always driven me crazy, too! I'm not a math person, but this really just takes common sense to figure out. I remember starting a book once where the main character complained about a pregnancy being 10 months. I put the book down because it annoyed me so much!

Testify! That bugs me so much too. I really feel some women (and books) say that just because we're expected to complain about pregnancy. "'s not 9 months, it's 10 months! Agony!" (I first heard this in The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and I rolled my eyes so far back into my head I almost couldn't get them back)

Do these same people complain that October has too many weeks?

I loved my pregnancies and wished they *could* have been 10 months long. It's much easier taking care of a baby when he's inside you!

Oooh! I HATE being pregnant, so I've never even wanted to pay the SLIGHTEST attention to anything claiming a pregnancy to be even one second longer than it already is. I do, however, love reading about how it is actually SHORTER. But since this math makes perfect sense, it makes me wonder how anyone ever came up with the ten months thing in the first place?

I've never head anyone in the U.S. say that pregnancy is ten months, so no pet peeve there - but interestingly enough, pregnancy is considered to last ten months in Japan. Like if you ask someone in the U.S. how long a human pregnancy is they'll say nine; in Japan they'd say ten. Period. Made it even more confusing when people asked how far along I was as I can't even keep one calendar straight in my head. I know my due date and (by the end) around what week I'm at, but that's about it. :)

Another something interesting - I've been reading lately that the due-date estimates most of us get are inaccurate, based on a 19th-century system, and that an average first pregnancy is 41+ weeks and an average second+ pregnancy 40 weeks and 3 days or something. Haven't researched it much, but found that interesting.

I hear you. Although I never know what to say when people ask me "how many months" I am. Because who knows what that means to them! I usually know what week I'm on, but I think that it might come off as annoying if I tell them in weeks.

Yeah....but try telling that to me when I was a week past my due date. If someone asked me how many months pregnant I was I told them I was 11.5 months pregnant. Just because I felt like I was pregnant FOREVER! So, cut the ladies some slack when they're closing in on their due date and feel like they've been pregnant for a year ;-) Those people get a pass at real math!

Rant on. Maybe it should be converted to a countdown format--sounds more optimistic. I'm wondering if this dispute is also related to the whole "fourth trimester" theory I've heard.

That last week really felt like a month to me. The last day alone must have been a fortnight.

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