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Friday, October 10, 2008


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I hate beer! It tastes horrible to me. People can't believe that and always want me to "try just one sip of this, you'll like it!" (Not once have I liked it.) Plus, I am allergic to grapes, so can't drink wine. It's a good thing Cosmopolitans exist.

I used to hate the taste of beer, until the boy I liked in college liked it. Then I decided I liked it too.

I am such a poser.

Now I have my wits about me again and I hate beer.

Hmmm... I can only side with you insofar as I hate cheep beer. But give me a good, local microbrew any day. :-)

However, I do very much enjoy cider and other lesser-known traditional drinks.

Hi Arwen,
I wanted to comment on your Faith and Family post, but I am afraid my question might be seen as inappropriate over there, so I am asking here. Isn't John McCain, as well as Obama, pro-choice? Does this affect your vote for president?

Sarah -- John McCain is not pro-choice, but if you want someone who is thoroughly opposed to any sort of abortion rights, you will need to go to a third-party candidate.

Arwen -- I am tired of this whining about beverage options. No one is making you drink beer; it has simply been adopted as the widely available alcoholic beverage of choice among loyal, patriotic Americans who know that this fine product has its roots in the culture that bred the Founding Fathers. Turn your back on them if you will, but don't complain about the people who love America more than you do.

Just wanted to drop by and wish Camilla a happy birthday! :)

(We share a birthday. Yay!)

Hey, beer makes its way into real politics, too. More than once in the last VP debate, Sarah Palin referred to the average American as "Joe Six-Pack." As in, a six-pack of beer. As though you can't be average, or American, or Republican, if you don't drink beer. Or, by extension, any other bottled malt beverage that comes in a six-pack. What's up with that?!

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