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Sunday, September 07, 2008


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I totally wish that I could have seen that! How adorable!

My kids do that too, and start right around that age. So cute!

How darling! I wish I could have watched that.

This is so precious to me.

And, I am envious :(

I was once that little toddler....and my mum and Dad were once you and Bryan. For reasons way too complicated to get into here... I moved away from the Church at some point in my early 20s.

My kids have not been baptized, have never been in a church, yet I still feel that God sees them as he saw me way back when.

I shall continue to struggle with the idea of baptism and introducing my children to God.

Your post reminded me that this is something I will need to deal with more seriously, sometime very soon, as my oldest is now four.


Love to read your stuff, Arwen. I am thrilled by the news of your second pg and wish you, Billa, Baby and Bryan all the very best!

Camilla is so very precious. Our Lord received a very wonderful gift from her.

Awwww, that's awesome :-)

That's adorable :). Daniel started doing that around Camilla's age as well, and has kept it up, as well as becoming very bossy when one of us fails to kneel as quickly as he thinks we should. "DADA, KNEE!" followed by a helpful pointing to the floor in case we'd forgotten what kneeling involved. Get ready for Camilla In Charge At Church :).

My 3yo daughter won't let me carry her up to Communion, but she won't walk with her arms crossed across her chest, either. She folds her hands in prayer like the older kids who are going up to actually receive. It makes me crazy, because the line for Communion is NOT the place to argue with or discipline your child, but if I pick her up, she'll pitch a fit. She's perfectly well-behaved at Mass, otherwise.

I have told her she'll receive Communion when she's older. "With a white dress?" she always asks. "And a big cake?!"

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