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Monday, September 15, 2008


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I always knew I liked Brian. *I've* been singing "My clean pants lie over the ocean" for years. Well, for two years. Almost two years. Although sometimes I sing "My clean pants lie over the ocean (blow a raspberry, blow a raspberry)," and then I start blowing raspberries for more and more of the syllables and it's a huge hit.

I am also willing to share my "Stinky butt" song. It goes:
Stinky, stinky, stinky butt
Stinky, stinky, stinky butt
Stinky, stinky, stinky, stinky,
Stinky, stinky, stinky butt!

I am laughing quite hard at "my lotion lies over the ocean." Excellent choice.

Haha. Well, hey, if it works, it works. :o)

I'm excited to find out about Baby v.2.0!

What do they do to bruise their little legs up so much? My son is the same way! Did Billa get a hair cut? She's just adorable!

My daughter will only let me wipe her messy, after meal fingers and mouth if I sing "Row, row, row your boat." I have no idea why that song, but it's the only thing that works. Kind of embarrassing when out in public!

I am very interested in hearing out the sex of the baby (if you're sharing with us). Do you have any guesses?

My nephew (just 2) makes up his own lyrics to songs. And sometimes when you ask him what he's singing, if he's humming a tune, he'll say, "I singing the "ahhhhh" song!" They're so stinking funny.

I say another girl, but only because your sister had another boy.

We don't have any original lyrics here, but way back when Daniel had rotavirus and I was groggily entertaining him by playing "This little piggie" with his feet, the third little piggie had rotavirus instead of roast beef. Now the piggies routinely eat olives, octopus, and other non-roast beef foods, and also come down with weird diseases. Um. Yes.

I vote boy, because then we'll be parallels :).

Oh, you're so wholesome! I sing "The Poopy Song." It was my own idea, so I can't fault him for demanding it when he'd got a major diaper. Here's hoping people think it's MC Hammer-based, and not the result of hearing Rick James at parties in my youth:
He's a very poopy boy
The kind you hand off to his mother
You have got to get that diaper off
And you've gotta get him clean
That boy is super poopy!
That boy is not too neat.
Super poop! Super poop! He's super poopy...
He needs wipes! He needs wipes! He needs wipes, indeed.

It's amazing what a song can do. We sing the diap-ey song at changing time to keep Olivia from leaping off of the changing table in pursuit of something more fun. To the tune of "Howdy Doody Time"

It's Diap-ey Diap-ey time, It's Diap-ey Diap-ey time....

And so on. We lack creativity.

That's so cute!

We have a pajama song.

To the tune of hokey pokey:
We put our arm in, we put our arm out
We put our arm in, and we shake it all about
We put on our jammies, cause it's time for bed
That's what it's all about

Not to creative, but it keeps my daughter from screaming at me while I put her sleeper on her.

Shoo...that Billa is a long drink of water!

Eamon's legs are all bruised up, too. I think it's just the cost of being a toddler.

I vote for....boy. Just cause I love my boy so much and want everyone to have a boy.

Oh my gosh!! I am so excited to hear whether you're having a boy or a girl. (And, I'm especially excited because it's a question where either answer is terrific in its own way.) Call and let me know!

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