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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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My Max didn't sleep through the night until he was eight. Seriously.
I don't say that to scare you (sorry), but just because I want you to know that it ends. It really does. And I suppose I should say that I miss I don't.
However, there is a small part of me that misses how when he was about Camilla's age, he would race over to me, screeching with joy, and I would sweep him up in my arms and in his excitement, he would bury his face in my neck and BITE REALLY HARD.
I don't miss being bitten, I miss that animal-like glee. The biting hurt.

Aww. Congrats. I vastly prefer toddler to baby, even though I THOUGHT I would be a baby person.

It's amazing how fast they grow and change. I am in the stage you mentioned at the beginning...when it's hard to imagine your child at 9 months, a year, etc. But every day she grows and changes so much. Some of the annoying infant things have fallen away, replaced by the annoying 5-month-old quirks, which I'm sure will be replaced by the annoying things that come when she is crawling, walking, etc. But the enjoyment certainly outweighs the irritation over the not sleeping or the fussing every time you leave the room. They certainly change your life.

She just gets prettier all the time. And I didn't even think that was possible.

So, so cute. I think it's funny that she calls herself Billa.

Eamon will get out of the tub at night saying, "Tiny. BABY. Tiny. BABY." He repeats it until we wrap him up in a towel and cradle him like a newborn while saying, "Oh, look! It's a tiny baby!" My husband has an easier time with this, since Eamon is now over half my height and more than 30lbs. I'm a little girl, and to me there's nothing tiny about my baby anymore.

He has also, alas, reached the age where I no longer say, "No, THIS age is my favorite." The tantrums and inflexibility of his little 2 year old mind is hard for me to take. I must say, 18-24 months was an absolute delight, though. Soooo much fun, funniness, and love!


I think Asher has, like, 10 words. And he refuses to say things like no or yes or THE DOG'S NAME, even. He calls the dog "sss sss" which is also what he calls a snake and a sunshine and the letter S. I AM OVER THE NOT TALKING.

Also I am jealous. SO WHAT.

You would make my day if you posted a video of her saying her own name. Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of my baptism & entrance into the Church, too, so it could be your present to me. (I don't employ the guilt tactic often. I'm pretty new to the game, but how'd I do?)

We do the Jaws theme too, only we kiss at the end of it. The Kiddos have taken to calling that "shark kisses" although they have no idea why the "shark" part since obviously they've never seen the movie.

Just hearing the "Doo-do" part makes the kids smile, though (as babies, they were beaming) and when they first learned to talk, they'd ask for it by saying "Do doo-do!"

OK, I can understand not doing any editing to pictures from Photo Booth, I guess. But pictures you took with a camera? That're already IN IPHOTO? Come now sister, you can do it. Open this in a new browser window and look at it side by side with the original.


And, how extra adorable that she "pretends" to be a baby. What a little sweetheart.

She is the MOST ADORABLE GIRL EVER. And not just because she can say my name. :-) Enjoy each and every day!

As for the sleeping through the night, I will concede that my sleep is one of the things I remind myself to be thankful for in this time without children. But I'd trade the 10 hours I got last night for a Billa of my own any day of the week.

You don't know me from a hole in the wall, but I found you from clicking a few blog links from a friend of a friend of a friend...

Anyway, you're now on my blog stalking list and I look forward to hearing about you and your sweet family :)

Billa is just a dollbaby. She reminds me so much of my one year old, Anna. A tiny helping of hair, long and lean. Total cuteness !

And, very very sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. Had that prob with my first child and had to resort of Ferberizing him. Don't sling tomatoes, please! Worked like a charm. His little sis got the same treatment at the same age (ten months).

Not to worry, they are offspring of two psychologists. We have some good referrals for them when they decide they are traumatized and need help, later on...


Take care. Love reading your blog !

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