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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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Yay! Milla pictures! I love the kissing story. How absolutely precious.

That makes my heart happy. The kisses! How incredibly sweet. What a precious, precious little darling.

Camilla is just adorable. I like the pictures post.

I run my cell phone battery down all the time too. My battery always lasts much longer than my husband's. I did not do this for my digital camera (I stored it on the charger). So, instead of a new battery, I am just going to get a new camera for Christmas. That makes sense, right?

What gorgeous pictures! I especially love the last two, there's something about the parent/child similarities and the pure joy that shines through ... really wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

I am also curious about the brown stock - could you elaborate?

I hear you on the hair thing.

Good luck tonight!

Camilla is so cute!!

Camilla is so cute. Is it possible that her hair is a little red? I never noticed it before. The photo of her looking out the window (?) is so beautiful!

Interesting to hear you confirm what I've always thought about rechargeable batteries. My only basis was that my husband's cell phone battery doesn't last long at all, and he always leaves it plugged in overnight. On the other hand, I only plug my phone in when the battery is low and do my best not to plug it in overnight. And my battery life is still pretty good.

My hair and your hair may be long-lost twins. I feel you.

My dad and brother have long maintained that it's best to let rechargable batteries drain down. I've followed their advice, and my laptop battery lasts WAY longer than either of my roommates' batteries. Always nice to have more anecdotal evidence. :)

Your sweetpea is way too cute. Love the kisses story.

That last picture? Totally adorable. Frame it, babe.

Ditto you re: flour.
Wee little baby kisses
There's nothing sweeter.

Oh, I hope it's red hair! But even strawberry blonde would be excellent. Too bad it looks to be growing in plain blonde.

ahh alas. hair. Is any woman happy with what she has? I've always coveted straight shiny healthy looking locks. Mine is frizzed and without hair product cut short it stands straight up. kramer ain't got nothing on me.

and no, not flour vs. cornstarch. but maybe thomism vs. augustianism?

So precious. And I love your hair in that last picture!

So far, the spontaneous kisses have to be the best part of parenting. It makes morning wake-ups so much easier to deal with!

It is amazing how you could have a horrible day with your little one and they do something so cute that makes it all worth it! Parenting is definately a rollercoaster.

My children both had the sticky-out hair thing. When the hair gets longer, it may turn into a riot of curls, which are even more fun.

Aren't little kisses the sweetest? I loved it when Gui figured out kissing (somewhere around a year, I think), and for all of his bouncy boyish energy, he's still a kisser. He kisses my belly when he talks to the baby. :-) I love it!

She's just so cute, how could you resist?
The sticking out hair thing may just add some body to the back of her head, but even that would be useful if trying to combat the flatness of hair. I seem to always have a chunk or two that won't lay flat in the back as well (though with longer hair, you can't tell - it really just doesn't cling too uch back there).

She is quite the photogenic baby! I think babies come up with those sweet moments (the kisses) at just precisely the right time when you are exausted and close to fed up...just to remind you how much you couldn't live without them!

Arwen, I just tagged you at my blog. Thought it might offer a nice blogging idea in case you come up empty one of these many November days.

Aw, she's so sweet, and the two of you really do look alike. I love the fruity suit!

Aw! I love the kissing story. Both my babies copied my back-patting-soothing thing and would do it to me (my daughter still does)
Milla has the most wonderful expressions! I love the pics!

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