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Monday, October 01, 2007


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Love the new cut!

I got nuthin' in the way of concealer recommendations, so I await other commenters' recs with mucho anticipation.

My long hair has primarily lived in a ponytail ever since my daughter was born. It makes me a little sad (because I love my hair, and I love to do pretty things with it), but I don't have the time/energy to do anything else, and besides, my daughter would only mess up any hairdo I attempt half an hour after I've finished it. I console myself with the thought that eventually, my children will all be old enough that I can go back to playing with my hair.


Tarte The Eraser Concealer in "Fair" is my favorite for dark circles. Will last 1-2 years:

Love love love the hair. I just did the same not too long ago and I feel like a whole new person. No ideas on the concealer, sorry. Camilla keeps getting cuter and cuter. I can't believe she's almost one!

Oh wow! I love it, it's completely adorable.

I have tried every under-eye concealer known to man (er, woman). I'm using one now that I actually quite like but I can't remember what it is. I'll have to check when I get home and let you know.

How was Stratford?

Looks great! That's so awesome that you'll be able to donate your hair. Sorry I don't have any good recommendations for good under-eye concealer... you know me, I'm still trying to figure out a good brand myself so I'll let you know when I find one :-p hahahahaha

Your hair looks amazing! I really like it. You're right, it's definitely more flattering than the loooong hair, although like you said, the long hair was pretty unto itself.

Anyway. That was a very brave haircut! :)

Your hair looks great, and that's a really wonderful thing you did! Two teenage members of my church's choir did the same thing and I loved their bobs, too. I have wavy hair and I'm petite, so long hair doesn't do much for me. (I have a chop scheduled for myself next week.)

I've been trying to cover my dark circles since I was a preteen--bad allergies. Recommendations: Lately I've been using a pink highlighter pencil from Lola cosmetics first, then Clinique "airbrush" concealer on top. It's very lightweight. Only on the dark parts--not all over. Oh, and before all that I have on an undereye moisturizer/treatment from Boscia that I am convinced raised the baseline of my dark circles a few shades after only a few weeks of usage. Good luck!

Arwen - your hair is adorable. I absolutely LOVE it!

Concealer - i recommend Prescriptives concealer if you're willing to spend a little - it's got amazing coverage and they are great about matching skintone. There was a drugstore brand I sued to use that you squeezed the liquid out of a little brush (I want to say it was L'Oreal) which was good, too but went awfully fast w/ that brush soaking up part of it. But that, at least, was a cheaper option.

My hair looked just like that (long version) before I got married. It had been long for years and I was convinced that it would be good "wedding hair". It ended up just being an extreme challenge for my hairdresser since I opted for a curly updo. Very difficult to accomplish with superlong non-curly hair!

I've since hacked it off too, but my hair doesn't "bob" quite as nicely as yours. I'm jealous!

I love your cut! Bobs are so versatile and I find myself thinking about going back to one. Maybe after winter. ;o)))))

On What Not To Wear, the makeup artist Carmindy says that the absolute best thing for undereye circles is a pink concealer. She didn't give a brand name, though, and I have been looking at Sephora online in vain. I don't think their colors come across well on computer. I totally agree with Carmindy that the ones that are yellow and greasy only make things worse, especially if you are dealing with changing midlife skin as I am. What I really need is Spackle. LOL

If I find out who makes the pink stuff, I'll definitely let you know!

It's absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful you donated it too, you are awesome!

Concealer: If you have a little money to spend, Prescriptives is great. if not, the L'Oreal concealer that comes in a tiny tube and is available in cool, neutral, or warm is pretty good too. I think it is little too thick but mixing with moisturizer helps.

Arwen, your hair looks great!! I actually have great hair, but never keep it trimmed or styled, so I am of the opposite opinion of you though we both have the same situation. I KNOW how pompous that sounds, but c'mon, everyone should have at least one asset that they recognize about themselves as great, right?! So, I am thinking about getting a cut, now that I have been inspired by you!

I love it! So pretty. I wish mine looked like that on the various occasions I've attempted a bob.

Very cute! It's quite a difference - and good for you, donating to Locks of Love. I never make it that far.

no ideas about the concealer. I'll be back for more ideas and have written down the ones you've gotten already!

Thank you. I am quite satisfied. Is it weird that I don't have any desire to imitate your hair-chopping activity, especially in light of this?

Also, to the 1.5 people who actually paid attention to the part about me in that post, I would really like to point out that I did not create that email address for myself...also, just in case any of them do decide to email me their complaints, would you like to give me the password so I can check it myself?

Can we talk on the phone tomorrow?

LOVE the new hair!! My hair is in desperate need of a cut too, although I don't know if I have 10 inches to spare
:-) I love "locks of love" and would love to donate to them one day.

Concealer...I use the good ol' maybelline concealer in ivory. Works great on undereye circles and any other undesirable facial boo boos :-) It's nice and creamy AND cheap!

Arwen, I love love love it! I love pony tails, but I am such a cutie with shorter hair. You, my dear, are a doll baby! I try to keep mine cut too, but like you I go for ever and not get it cut, then when I do, it is drastic! But, I do LOVE!!!!!!!!! the pic's! You look great!
glad you donate to locks of love, my bff has done it with her kids TWICE, and with one kid, her hair was so long & thick, the sent it in in 2 pony tails! pretty neat huh!

We must be hair twins! My hair also just couldn't get any straighter and is as fine as a newborn baby's hair (which is so much cuter on a baby!). And all my childhood and teenage years, I wore it long! Down-past-my-butt-long! I look at pictures of my teenage self and think, What was I thinking? when i was 17 I cut off 17 inches and sent it to Locks of Love and ever since then have known the Joys of Short and Layered hair! Wheee!!! I'll never go long again! I'm glad you posted this, it reminds me that It's been 8 months since my own cut and I really need to pick up the phone...

You're gorgeous with the new cut, too!

Your hair is wonderful; the cut really highlights your cheekbones. Love it! I recently cut mine and got bangs! And colored it dark (my natural color is blonde)! I love it, but it's kind of funny: my roots are growing in lighter, rather than darker. It looks a little weird.

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