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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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I don't comment often, but I might have to take your challenge - what a great idea. I'm glad to hear your sleep plan is working. I'm sure you feel like a new person with your much needed sleep. I can't wait for you to share your meal planning tools.

ALL RIGHT I'M COMMENTING!! :) Sorry, I felt bad because I read often and don't comment much. I also love me some comments so I feel your pain, girl. Just putting my money where my mouth is!
And welcome back to the world of the rested. We've missed you. Hee!
Happy Halloween!

Totally pumped about NaBloPoMo...not because I'm participating, though. I've got some things that will prevent that from adopting my daughter, who's birthmother is due November 12th!

I do hope to follow your comment posting challenge, though, as closely as I possibly can. There is going to be about a week there when I'm in a hospital or hotel in a competely different state, and there's no telling how that's gonna go with computer access. But I do look forward to seeing what you have to say throughout November! Good luck!!

I'd love to see a post on your thoughts on what would be ideal family size for you and how it may or may not have changed since having Camilla.

(a lurker)

a Comment contest... hmmm.

I may have to steal that one. or vary it a bit. I have something that would be nice, I think.


as for ideas... I'm out just now. Just in time for November!

I think I need to use Dr Jay's method with my 19 month old. He's been sick this week and it would be cruel to start now, but I am so ready to stop being awake an hour at 3am (that's just been a sick thing, but ugh I hate it). A month ago he was down to one waking per night.

I think I'll do NaPoBloMo (or whichever the initials are) on nights I don't fall asleep with the toddler. That's 1 of 3 these days, but that would still be a lot more posts than normal.

Oh no, you did NOT
Waken the haiku monster
Did you? Oh yes, yes you did.

Sorry, last line edited to be:

Did you? Yes you did.

I was distracted in my metering by a whining child, what can I say.

I am definitely excited for November. Your blog is usually the only one I check back in on during the day, if you haven't posted by when I read all my blogs in the morning. Did I mention that your blog inspired me to start my own?

I am doing NaBloPoMo too.

It's been fantastic to hear from you more often.

I'm thrilled that Camilla is sleeping so much better

I love your prize idea! Would you mind if I borrowed it?

Fantastic news on the sleep! I comment infrequently but have been reading since before you were pregnant with Camilla and love your blog. Definitely looking forward to reading more from you next month!

One quick idea on the night weaning-- I don't know how much it bothers you to wake her at 11:30 pm to nurse, but it physically pained me to wake my sleeping babes. I elected to let them sleep but nursed them when they awoke around 4:00 am instead of waiting until we woke up for the day. By 18 months we dropped that feeding and they were able to sleep through the entire night.

For blog ideas, I would love to hear more from you on Catholic motherhood and if/how your spirituality has changed in the past year. I'd also love to hear what kind of involvement your family has at your parish, and what groups/ministries you find fulfilling. Also, how do you envision passing the faith to your children? Catholic school, parish-based religious ed, home-based, etc.?

Thanks for including us in your journey!

I am so glad to hear that the nightweaning has gone well. You are giving me hope! We're still 4-6 months away from trying it, but it's in the back of my head. I guess you haven't noticed any effects on you supply during the day?

I have an idea for something to post about. My son is about a month behind your cutie pie (he'll be one on Nov 10), and I know after the one year checkup the dr usually gives the go-ahead to eat "real" food. So what do you feed Camilla?? Thanks in advance!!

Wow! That is AWESOME! That is, like, AMAZING! Go you and your bad self. When you've finished with Camilla can you work on mine? He only wakes up once to eat, but he is unpredictable on the timing and WAKES UP AT SIX AM WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO DIE.

I have considered waking him up before I go to bed, but it goes against all I hold dear to wake a sleeping baby. Obviously it worked for you, but have you always done that?

I would like to hear more about what you are watching on DVD these days. ;) Oh, and very interested in the grocery thing now that I am doing that TOO. I am a regular HOUSEWIFE.

I broke down and I'm doing NaBloPoMo, too! Why, I do not know. Maybe because I am stupid? Who knows. It will be an interesting month.

I also created a Catholic Bloggers group on NaBloPoMo, in case you or anyone else here happens to be interested.

Since I seem to comment on every single post around here (because I just always always have something to say and never know when to be quiet) I think I might be able to meet this challenge!

I would love to hear what sorts of things you do with Camilla day-to-day. As a SAHM to a 14 month old, I'm always looking for new ideas. And definitely tell us all about your cooking!

Interior decorating! Did the bathroom get finished? That would be a fun post! Who doesn't love to check out everyone else's fabulous decorating ideas, and then totally copy them!?!?! (Also, am redoing my bathroom and am totally stuck on color choices for the wall paint. Help?!)

I'm up for the commenting challenge- I don't comment on here nearly enough!

Though I don't need to be considered for a prize, I am a lurker with some ideas:

1) As a Ontarian who went to (and had many family members teach in) the publically-funded Catholic school system, I would love to hear any stories about how the parochial schools are in your part of Michigan. Did you have nuns that taught you? (I have rarely met nuns -- primarily when visiting family in Italy!)

2) This might be too private, but -- what have been some of the faith-affirming moments in your life (that you haven't mentioned). I continue to struggle with my faith, and sometimes hearing things like this from the faith-filled really helps.

3) What are the places you would like to travel with your family? What things to you most hope to show to your children?

I love your blog and am very excited to have reading fodder for all of November.

Can I win the prize? If so, I want it to be an extra visit with my granddaughter!

Actully, the whole menu posting thing is very appealling--I love to cook, but I get bogged down with making my plans too complicated. I'd like to see what other's eat.

im a sucker for good tips, so bring em on!!

also, im so glad you're posting more. :) thanks!

so not only am I supposed to remember to post in my own blog every day, I'm supposed to remember to comment on yours.

I'm game.

Well, I LOVE getting proper post that doesn't have a printed label, so here I am commenting. I forgot to buy Halloween treats, so I had to turn off all the lights and hide in the back of our house. I felt very mean.

I'm catching up on posting! I find it funny that as a kid I roamed all over the area for hours with my friends and getting tons of candy. My kids know Halloween as trick-or-treating in the village business district, going from store to store for ONE HOUR. My husband then takes them just around our small block when he gets home from work for a total of 20 minutes. They were excited to do the handouts when we got a whomping 4 kids at our door later that night. One day they will figure out what Halloween was back in the day and they will probably be mad!

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