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Monday, June 04, 2007


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Hi Arwen,

I've been a frequent lurker and sometimes commenter. I've enjoyed reading your blog throughout the past couple of years. I think I found you through Rach. Anyway, you can delete this comment if you'd like but, being the incredibly detailed (read: anal) person that I am, I went to your new About Me section but noticed something awry in #3. You mention your birthday as August 23rd and your wedding date as August 7th, but then say you were a mere 6 days shy of your 20th birthday. I hate typos on my blog so thought you might appreciate the heads up.

As a cradle Catholic (now attending a Baptist church), I have really enjoyed reading the posts detailing Catholicism. I spent 13 years in Catholic school and loved it. A funny thing too - because of a couple of things you mentioned (including the college you went to) I realized that you live in the same area as my husband's family. Do you ever visit the little chocolate shop on main street with the molten chocolate? That one shop is reason enough for me to move there!


Another lurker coming out to say I enjoy your blog and am glad to know some of your history :)

Another lurker coming out to say I enjoy your blog and am glad to know some of your history :)

Though I completely respect your reasons for doing so, I have to say it drives me bonkers to know your sister is pretty much the only person ever to have a certain name and not know what that name is! But you're so garsh-darned endearing, I just can't hold it against you.

And it's great to know there are other young moms out there. I'm about a year older than you, got married at 21, but get a lot of, "Um, aren't you a little young for this?" comments from all manner of people. I guess everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but sheesh. :)

I have to say that I agree with the above commenter. I totally understand the need for anonymity with the names of your siblings, but it is ever so intriguing to try and guess them! Speaking of names, shortly after Camilla's birth I began re-reading That Hideous Strength and was very tickled to discover that your daughter shares the same first name as Mrs. Denniston. Her namesake, at least partially, perhaps?

I loved reading your updated Bio. I am also trying to figure out your sister's mysterious name, but the only thing I can come up with is "Edmundia." ;-)

Oh the enigma of your sister's name. My votes are:

and Puddlegluma (this being the most likely one, clearly)

The chances of these being right are slim to none so I guess it's ok if I post this. If by blind luck one is correct, pls. delete this comment! Your parents are awesome. We got so far as our dad reading the Chronicles and Tolkien out loud to us, but we all have simple names like Mary and Catherine and Teresa!

Well, because searching for things thrills me to no end, I know your brother's name. His middle name is very cool, not something I've ever heard of. As for your sister's name, that is driving me bonkers. On it lists alphabetically ALL the character names in the series. That is a lot of names to add the female ending to! What a lucky girl though, I love unusual names. Especially from Tolkein and Lewis.

And the new bio is very entertaining. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

So based on the fact that your BIL calls her "Tergunthera," I'm going to guess it's a female form of Tran or Tirian. (Although Tirian already sounds like a girl's name anyway.) Tirianne? Tirianna?

Again, feel free to delete if I'm even remotely close.

Hi Arwen,

I've been a frequent visitor to your blog for a while now, 'cause I like your style. :-) I know it's a long-time coming, but congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

My husband and I were high school sweethearts as well (I just took a look at your profile and love story). I was 17 and he was 19 when we met and started dating (I was the one in HS; he was in college). We got married after I graduated from college. I had just turned 22. (I'm 28 now.)

We got married in 2000 and also suffered from infertility for a long while. But in April of 2004 we conceived our beautiful baby girl. She was born in January of 2005 and is now a two-and-a-half-year-old spunky toddler. (She's such fun! And such work! :-)

I have to ask... in your "about me", you mentioned that your husband was going away to college early in your relationship, but then you talked about passing by his dorm on your way to yours. Did you end up going to his school so you could be near him? Just curious! When I met my husband my senior year of high school (we were set up on a blind date for my prom!), I had already decided to go to college locally. Thank goodness, 'cause Notre Dame (my second choice) is hundreds and hundreds of miles away, and I know how difficult and emotionally exhausting long-distance relationships can be.

Anyway, sorry to be long-winded! I'm glad I de-lurked and finally introduced myself!

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